There’s More Than Corn In Indiana

Most of us Hoosiers in Indiana know that there is a lot of German heritage in our state. Lots of towns throughout the state have a German festival or some kind of Oktoberfest. But have you heard of Strassenfest? No? Oh my are you in for a treat. Let one of this year’s Indiana documentary features, Strassenfest and the Area’s Reemerging German Culture, be your guide.

Travel with me down to Jasper in southern Indiana. This documentary brings you in gently with Strassenfest in full swing. There’s beer and brats. There’s lederhosen and maypoles. Then bam! You are hit with the amazing German culture they have. The festival is huge, the German language had such a dominant presence in the community for so long, and did someone mention nuns and like a legit monastery?

This doc brings you so much! Never has the idea, there’s more than corn in Indiana, been more true than in this fantastic doc. You won’t want to miss it at this year’s festival.

I’m so pumped about Strassenfest and the Area’s Reemerging German Culture! So much so I’ve already started planning my trip to next year’s Strassenfest. Who’s with me? I’ll make sure to rent an extra big airbnb just in case.


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