Improve Your Life by Giving to the Indy Film Fest

Raise your hand if movie-watching is a big part of your entertainment! Well, that’s pretty much all of you—and that’s why we love you. You get it. You know movies have the power to entertain, to expand perspectives, to help us find common ground. When it’s time to pass the popcorn, lower the lights and put on that favorite festive flick, we all come together to quote our favorite lines. Even kooky Aunt Judy, boring Uncle Bill, and that random annoying guy who must be dating one of your charming, yet shameless, cousins.

If you find yourself marveling at the magical power of movies, please consider making a gift to Indy Film Fest. Year round, we work to create unique film experiences — from screening in unexpected places, to showing awe-inspiring tales from far and wide — we bring Indy together through film. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will keep the reel rolling.

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