The City Is Our Theater

Popped Up! Presents

We believe that the part of Indy’s magic lives within each of its neighborhoods. We want to create rich, meaningful experiences all over the city—for all types of audiences.

Our Popped Up! program allows us to bring film experiences to the people. The way we see it, the city is our theater. Together, we love to dream up unique screening experiences. We want to be able to gather and screen independent, festival circuit films in a field, an art gallery, an old warehouse—any place that can be converted into a a theater for a few hours. Even some places you wouldn’t expect! Screening a variety of films in a bunch of different places helps us celebrate our diversity, and ultimately makes the world feel just a little bit smaller.
Contacts us for more details about how you and your organization can take advantage of our Popped Up! program.



Movies happen

Wherever people come together.