This is Where I Meet You

You know that time in life when you are out of formal education, you have done what was required of you, you have followed the steps society has set out for you? And then there is that immense feeling of “Now What?” The debut feature by Katharina Ludwig This is Where I Meet You is about capturing that very moment in life. Charlotte is an actress, just having gone through a pretty bad audition. She is on her way to a minimally planned vacation with her boyfriend. I love how you can see that transition from tense work mode to full on relaxation, anything goes, openness of being on vacation take place in Charlotte’s posture and attitude. Instead of being upset that her boyfriend has mostly abandoned her, she takes time to explore new found relationships with no judgment or preconception with the self-proclaimed shaman Benno and her new yoga instructor Tami. This film is for anyone who loves making connections with new interesting people, for anyone who likes traveling and living through new experiences, for anyone in their 20s or anyone who fondly remembers the feeling of being in their 20s. It’s a film for anyone who has missed all of that during the last year, and wants to experience it again. At least vicariously and for 80 minutes!

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