Shorts, Features, Fabulous Creatures, April 24-28

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Join visiting filmmakers, industry insiders, and film fans from around the globe as we showcase 90+ independent features, shorts, documentaries, and world cinema films of every genre! Come out and celebrate with us April 24-28, with online screenings continuing through May 5!

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April 24-28

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Explore our line-up of unique shorts blocks and feature films! With everything from tear-jerking dramas to knee slapping comedies, this is your chance to see the films that will become tomorrow's blockbuster hits.

The best part about a film festival is letting our filmmakers know just how much you loved their work. Learn more about how to cast your Audience Award ballots for the films of the 2024 festival.

Meeting filmmakers is just another perk of the festival experience. Stick around after many of the films to get your questions answered by those who created them and hear behind-the-scenes stories about their movies.

Don’t miss a single moment of this year's selection of crowd-pleasing films. Buy your All-Access Pass and catch hours and hours of films without spending oodles and oodles of cash. Be sure to reserve your tickets!

Discover some of the festival's biggest gems. Based on your feedback, some may go on to become feature-length films. Movies like Sling Blade, Bottle Rocket, and Napoleon Dynamite all began as shorts on the festival circuit.

With just a few clicks, you can easily log in from anywhere, anytime on one unified platform for films, fun, and filmmaker Q&As. Go ahead, couch surf your way through hundreds of festival films from the comfort of your own home.

12 months a year, the Indy Film Fest champions movies that entertain, challenge, and expand our perspectives. With year-round programs geared to movie lovers of all ages, and an annual festival, there's always something to see. We think you'll agree, we were meant for each other.

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