Kylie’s Quintessential Queer Cinema

Hey everyone! I’m Kylie, the Membership Coordinator and Operations Staff Member here at Indy Film Fest! I wanted to take some time to share some films that are really special to me as an LGBTQ person. Each of these resonated with me in different ways, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you!



I chose this film because it tells a story that doesn’t often get told. It follows Chiron, a poor black kid from Miami who comes to terms with his sexuality over his life. It’s absolutely stunning and an important watch.



But I’m a Cheerleader

I remember watching this when I was really young. It would come on late at night on premium cable and I was so scared my parents would find out I watched it. Revisiting it more recently, it’s spectacular. It’s campy and fun, wholesome and sweet, with a biting commentary. The set design is absolutely perfect as well – it plays with colors like I’ve never seen before.



The Handmaiden

In the time of Bong Joon-Ho and Parasite, what better chance to explore more Korean cinema? Park Chan-Wook’s The Handmaiden follows a con artist as she stands in as a handmaiden for a wealthy heiress. It’s gorgeous and full of twists. An absolutely stunning portrait of love and deceit.



Tangerine (IFF Alum!!)

Tangerine is one of my favorite films ever. This is another film I love because it captures a perspective rarely told. It follows 2 trans women of color as they adventure around LA over the course of an evening. Shot completely on an iPhone 5s, it showcases how one can tell stories that are beautiful and meaningful without a massive budget.



I hope you enjoy!

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