These days, we’re so much more than just an annual event. We offer events all year long that help people experience the richness of film and the community that surrounds it.

But our humble roots are in an annual festival that began as a three-day¬†event in March 2004. That first festival featured several Midwestern premieres, including acclaimed writer/director Lars Von Trier’s Dogville and A Slipping¬†Down Life featuring Lily Taylor and Guy Pierce. Overall, 2,400 people saw 24 films on two screens that first year, and just like that, a festival was born.

The 2005 festival added one more day and one more screen. Films that year included the Oscar-nominated documentary Murderball. After those first two years, more than 5,000 attendees had seen a total of 77 films from 27 different countries.

The festival has grown at an impressive rate every year since. The third year saw a 61% increase in attendance and a whopping 200% increase in film submissions. The festival continues to deepen its impact each year, bringing impressive independent filmmaking to Indianapolis.