4th Indianapolis International Film Festival

April 25 - May 4, 2007


IIFF presented its first Career Achievement Award to Albert & David Maysles – two time Academy Award Nominees – for their integral contributions to the world on non-fiction cinema. In addition, Albert Maysles attended the festival and screened some their classic films – such as Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens, and Salesman.

IIFF awarded its first Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Prize for Outstanding Science Fiction Filmmaking to the film First on the Moon.




Board of Directors

Krista Longtin, President
Dorothy Henckel, Vice President / Treasurer
Kelli Safford, Secretary
Duncan Alney
David Moscowitz
John Oney
Erin Rosenburg
Rudy Thein


Brian Owens, Director
Scott Lowe, Managing Director

Nancy Canull, Programming
Michael Dettner, Programming
Kara Glennon, Programming
Scott Grow, Programming
Chris Holobek, Programming
Keith Karlson, Programming
Ellen Leonard, Programming
Ryan Michael, Programming
Scott Overman, Programming
Amy Petinella, Programming
Herb Schlotterbeck, Programming

Margaret Henney, Marketing Intern
Todd Dell’Aquilla, Volunteer Coordinator
Alec Lichlyter, Outreach & Education Intern
Laura Mancini, Programming Intern
Chad Richards, Marketing Intern