Improve Your Life by Giving to the Indy Film Fest

We get it. You’ve been inundated with year-end requests for donations. Carl’s Cat Hospital, The Society for More Hunger Games Books, The Foundation for a Much Better America—they’re all vying for a little piece of your hard-earned dollar.

But the thing you really love is Indy Film Fest. We know, we love it too! With programs like Film to Fork, Roving Cinema, Rock and Reel, and our stuffed-to-the-gills 10-day annual Festival, we are proud to have become a year-round powerhouse of explosive cinematic excitement.™ We’ve got a pop-up screen, a sound system, hordes of eager fans—almost everything we could ever need.

Here’s the problem (there’s always a problem in these donor appeals):

We currently have to rely on the grace and kindness of a few volunteers with big vehicles to help us every time we get our act on the road. And we’re on the road a lot, which means those few volunteers are straight-up exhausted.

This is where you come in (we’re building to a big finale here, so go ahead and grab your checkbook):

If you’ve ever enjoyed us popping up in your ‘hood, or been to one of our events in a super cool place like Sun King or the Catacombs, would you consider donating to help us get an official Indy Film Fest vehicle? We are committed to raising $6,000 between now and New Year’s Eve.

We’re not shooting for the moon here. We just want a modest set of wheels that will help drive us a few miles closer toward making this city a world-class film destination.

(Cue the sparklers—this is the big finish.)

Your tax-deductible donation today not only makes you a better, happier person, but it also gives you something to brag about to the weird coworker who corners you at your company Christmas party. And that’s better than giving to Carl’s Cat Hospital, right?