We know you have a charitable spirit, but there’s lots of things vying for your wallet’s attention. There’s those magazines your niece is always selling, that team birthday gift for the coworker you never really liked, and those commercials with all the sad dogs. You can only do so much.

At Indy Film Fest, we are committed to making a difference through the power of film, and the reality is that we depend upon the generosity and dedication of volunteers, sponsors, and—even though we don’t want to keep your niece from selling those magazines—donors.

What do you get in return? Your donation will help bring sought-after films, veterans of the film industry and yet-to-be-discovered diamonds in the rough straight to Indy. It will go toward helping to establish Indy as a true film destination, through unique events, exciting professional opportunities, and meaningful partnerships. If nothing else, it will help keep the lights on and the beer flowing.

We can’t save dogs with it, but we promise to use it in a way that will help transform this city.