Indy Film Fest


Something to talk about

Posted by Lisa Trifone

The gears have totally shifted into motion over here at Indy Film Fest HQ, and it's super exciting to see all the buzz that the recent announcements are generating.

Are you following us on Twitter? That scene is a blast these days - ticket giveaways, daily featured films and some great filmmakers and film fans to follow.

What's even better is seeing the city and film audiences get as stoked about what we're up to as we are. Just today, I discovered this little post from filmmaker Jill Carter - sounds like she's looking forward to getting back to Indy for screenings of her short film Ninety-one.

We're working on getting the events posted on all the local and regional events calendars, but looks like the folks at beat us to it - thanks for the great write up! And they're right - the All Access Pass IS the best way to go - unlimited movies, the best parties, and always being on the right side of the red carpet!

Finally, check out the coverage we snagged at Indianapolis ORG Magazine - they call out the events around town adding an international flair to the Circle City. Why thank you, that's exactly what we try to do! Magazine highlights PAULISTA, a stellar Brazilian film about three lives intersecting in a single apartment building.

We'll keep you posted on all the buzz we discover - are you talking about the fest? Let us know!