Bigger Picture Show

Local designers reimagining classic movie posters

The Bigger Picture Show celebrates the design community in Indianapolis, showcasing re-imagined movie posters by some of our favorite designers and artists on the planet. Created by our friends at Lodge Design in 2009, the Bigger Picture Show has grown into our biggest fundraiser, and one of the city’s most popular design events of the year. From the biggest box office hits by the decades to Oscar winners for Best Original Screenplay to an entire show built around the theme “50 Degrees of Greg Kinnear,”¬†Lodge curates the show around a different theme.

Since 2009, the Bigger Picture Show has helped raise more than $15,000 for the Indy Film Fest, and allowed us to engage a new¬†movie-loving audience that isn’t afraid to reach out and punch us in our throats with their awesomeness.

The Bigger Picture Show is made possible by our friends at Lodge Design.




Chris Overpeck

Chris Overpeck

Indy Film Fest Board Memeber and Bigger Picture Show Supporter

"After a several years of attending this event, I know a few things for certain: I'll always go to the Bigger Picture Show, I'll always buy something and I'll never regret it."

We're already looking forward to next year's show

Thanks for all the love, Indy.