What started as a two-day festival in 2004 has since expanded to include year-round events that empower audiences to connect with films, filmmakers, and one another. We’re probably best known for our annual film festival. It’s an event that has grown steadily and become one of the most anticipated and valued annual cultural events in the city.

We also host a range of events that connect movie lovers. Our Roving Cinema series presents films in different fun and exciting environments—places you might not expect to watch a film. Our Popped Up! series was created from our belief that film belongs to everybody, and it brings screenings into the city’s various neighborhoods. We also host a dinner-and-a-movie series called Film to Fork, as well as a cutting-edge music series. Oh, and there’s Bigger Picture Show, an annual creative mixer that brings Indianapolis’s best creative minds together for a one-of-a-kind fundraiser.

Throughout the years, Indy Film Fest has featured the best in independent and innovative film from both award-winning professionals and emerging filmmakers. More than that, we’ve created a community around film, and we couldn’t be more proud.