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  • Roving Cinema Returns!

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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  • The Future Is Now!

    Back To The Future 1 & 2 (Double Feature)

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    the planet's best sponsors

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July 16 - 25 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

The 2015 Films are Locked and Loaded

You are about to experience 10 dazzling days and more than 100 fantastic films from local, national, and international filmmakers. You’ll also get to experience special programming for kids, a one-of-a-kind craft beer event, exclusive awards parties and a chance to rub elbows with more than a few filmmakers.

For 12 years now, we’ve offered screenings and events that bring people together in all the best ways. Whether they are laughing, crying, drinking, debriefing, sipping, savoring, or leaning over to whisper an IMDB fact to their friend in the next row, Indy Film Fest creates shared experiences around film.

Find a comfy seat, crack open a cold one, and join us for our best Fest ever.

Explore the Films of the 2015 Festival 

Our Filmmakers Have All the Fun

2015 Indianapolis Motor Speedway All-Access Tour

The Indy Film Fest gives us a chance to show off our city to the visiting filmmakers. They spend ten days exploring our streets and neighborhoods, eating in our restaurants and meeting the cast of characters who call Indianapolis home.

This year, we thought it would be fun to arrange a private behind-the-scenes tour of one of our most iconic landmarks: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Wow, what an experience. We went everywhere in the Pagoda, learned about its rich history and even stopped to kiss the bricks. Here’s a taste of what this Indy Film Fest filmmaker experience was all about.

Help support our mission

Love loving movies all year long?

12 months a year, the Indy Film Fest champions movies that entertain, challenge, and expand our perspectives. That’s what we were born to do. And our growing network of friends and followers are stepping up and coming out to join us for all the filmy fun.

With six year-round programs geared to movie lovers of all ages, and a robust 10-day festival in July, there’s always something to see at the Indy Film Fest. Come out and join the shenanigans at any (or all) of our special events and screenings. We think you’ll agree, we were meant to be together.

Help support our mission so we can continue to do what we love most: creating shared, and meaningful, experiences around film.

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Heather Hall

Heather Hall

VP Community Development / Sun King Brewery

"We love the Indy Film Fest. Every year, we see a significant impact from our sponsorship dollars and are proud of our partnership."

Erin Schneider

Erin Schneider

Director / Film Indiana

“Partnering with the Indy Film Fest is an effective, not to mention, incredibly enjoyable way for our film office to reach local filmmakers, as well as filmmakers from all over the world. We look forward to their festival every year and all of the new opportunities it will bring to Indiana.”