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#lessambitiousmovies Meme

Posted by Sara McGuyer

If you're a twitter type (and if you are, you should be following @IndyFilmFest, right?) then you may have noticed a movie-related meme take over your feed last night.

In twitter, you can add a phrase with a # mark in front and no spaces, like #indyfilmfest for example. Twitter turns it into a link connecting all other tweets using that same hashtag.

Last night someone started #lessambitiousmovies, a meme where people craft variations on movies titles to make them, well, less ambitious. For example:


Fun, right? We just like that it gets people talking about our favorite subject. So, go ahead. Add your #lessambitiousmovies in the comments here, or join in the fun on twitter.


Another Social Network?

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Just when I thought I couldn't join another social network, along comes iCheckMovies. Readers have Goodreads, knitters have Ravelry, so why not a niche site for movie lovers?

This all started because Lisa, our fearless director, said she attempts to log all of the movies she watches each year, but loses track sometime mid-February. One of our volunteers suggested she try iCheckMovies, and I couldn't resist.

iCheckMovies lets you (no surprise here) place a check mark by movies you've seen, browse award winners and top movie lists and syncs with IMDB. You can also create your own watchlist of films you'd like to see. I am hoping this function will save me from those "Now, what was that movie I wanted to see again?" moments.

We'll see how long I can keep up tracking my 2011 flicks. So far, I've watched three - Sherlock Holmes, Blade Runner and Shutter Island. Now, if only iCheckMovies would sync with Netflix, keeping track would be quite a bit easier.

What other movie sites do you love? Please do tell.