Indy Film Fest


Dare We Say It?

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Is it just me, or does it feel like the Indy film scene is heating up? Dare we even label it a "film scene?" As a volunteer entrenched and smitten with this festival, I thought maybe it was just me being hyper-aware of movie happenings.

But lately it seems there's more and more to choose from - different venues, new themes. One minute I'm in awe of something the IMA is putting on, the next I'm intrigued by IMOCA's new series.

It isn't just me, apparently. The Indy Star had a great article summing up all of this magic, plus a handy list to keep at the ready.

What do you think? Are you happy with the local film offerings? Is there anything you'd want to see more of?

Image credit: Carbon Arc via Flickr


Ooh la la. Noir Nights with the IMA

Posted by Sara McGuyer

IMA's 2011 Winter Nights

If you've ever counted down the days until the Indianapolis Museum of Art fires up their Summer Nights, you're in luck. They're starting a new series called WINTER NIGHTS, featuring classic films on Friday nights at The Toby.

Even more exciting is this winter's theme, Noir and Neo Noir. Ooh la la. Prepare yourself for the dark and stylish, a chance to see some old greats return to the big screen. And film purists rejoice - all films are shown in 35 mm (except Memento, which will be shown on DVD).

The series kicks off on January 7 with Blood Simple, the Coen brothers' feature film debut. Tickets are $9, just $5 for IMA members. Snag your tickets in advance here. The film starts at 7 pm. For more details, see IMA's site.

Check out the full schedule for 2011 WINTER NIGHTS:

Kudos to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for their ongoing support of cinema. They're not only a sponsor and gracious host of our Indianapolis International Film Festival each summer, they put together amazing events like these to keep movie lovers in Indy sated year round. Thanks, IMA!


Relive Our Past

Posted by Sara McGuyer

We are chugging away with plans for 2011. Of course, we think it will be the best fest yet. Until then, we invite you to relive our past. Check out a recap of all that rocked in 2010, cut together by our own Michael Tressler.

If you went to the festival, what did you like? Or not like? Please do tell us before we finalize our plans for the year. Your feedback, encouragement and constructive criticism are all appreciated!


Submissions are NOW OPEN

Posted by Lisa Trifone

You read that right - the festival may be more than six months away, but we're ready to see your films now!

If you've made a movie, know someone who has or just want to know more about what we're looking for, check out our official Rules & Regulations. Then zip on over to Withoutabox and get your film signed up for consideration!

Want to help spread the word? Share this press release with everybody you know - we can't wait to see some of the best independent filmmaking of the year. And we definitely can't wait to share it with an Indianapolis audience!


Like movies? Have we got a job for you.

Posted by Lisa Trifone

We're looking for a few good souls interested in watching the good, the bad and the just plain ugly film submissions we'll be receiving over the next several months (and trust us, they get ugly...).

Be on the front lines of the review process, screening a slice of the more than 500 films we expect to be submitted this year. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to attend weekly meetings to screen short film submissions and watch 2-3 feature-length films on your own each week, rating each and every one of them as you go. Your input will directly impact the films screened at the 2011 Indy Film Fest.

It's really not as daunting as it sounds. In fact, it's fun! Screeners get to meet fellow filmlovers, share their opinions about independent film and get an inside glimpse into the way the film festival comes together.

Interested in applying? Drop an email to to request the forms - but don't delay. Meetings start soon, and we'd love to have you at them all.


Something to talk about

Posted by Lisa Trifone

The gears have totally shifted into motion over here at Indy Film Fest HQ, and it's super exciting to see all the buzz that the recent announcements are generating.

Are you following us on Twitter? That scene is a blast these days - ticket giveaways, daily featured films and some great filmmakers and film fans to follow.

What's even better is seeing the city and film audiences get as stoked about what we're up to as we are. Just today, I discovered this little post from filmmaker Jill Carter - sounds like she's looking forward to getting back to Indy for screenings of her short film Ninety-one.

We're working on getting the events posted on all the local and regional events calendars, but looks like the folks at beat us to it - thanks for the great write up! And they're right - the All Access Pass IS the best way to go - unlimited movies, the best parties, and always being on the right side of the red carpet!

Finally, check out the coverage we snagged at Indianapolis ORG Magazine - they call out the events around town adding an international flair to the Circle City. Why thank you, that's exactly what we try to do! Magazine highlights PAULISTA, a stellar Brazilian film about three lives intersecting in a single apartment building.

We'll keep you posted on all the buzz we discover - are you talking about the fest? Let us know!


The 2010 Fest – Off Beat. On Target.

Posted by Lisa Trifone

Is there really a better way to put it? This year's list of over 100 films is quirky. Goofy. Experimental. Sentimental. Innovative. Evocative. Basically, they hit the bullseye.

Whether you like your film home grown or imported from a far; whether you're looking for something that'll make you laugh or make you think - whatever you like in your movies, we've got it this year. It's a line-up that's as diverse as it is approachable and as impressive as it is intimate.

Check out the whole thing online now. Here's a quick breakdown:

112 total films, including special events like The Wildest Dream on Tuesday, July 20. Natasha Richardson's last film, it's the story of the mountain climbers who try to tame Mt. Everest.

21 different countries featured in this year's festival films, including Latvia, Czech Republic, Finland, Nepal, Switzerland and Belguim.

Dozens of films featured in festivals like Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, Slamdance, Nashville, Seattle, Sarasota and more - all brought to your back door right here in Indianapolis. It's our pleasure, really.

Over 50 films making their Midwest Premiere, having never been seen before in this region. That's right - find them right here in Indy, July 15 - 25.

3 World Premieres - the first time these amazing movies have screened for any audience anywhere, including Everyone Says I Look Just Like Her, a film by Ryan Balas.

Watch this space for even more of what's featured at the 2010 Indy Film Fest, like the captivating family drama from Finland, Twisted Roots, or the best way to spend an hour this summer, with our shorts program One Hour, Ten Films.

We'll be blogging from now through the festival, giving you yet one more way to get closer to the festival than ever before. It may be a board member or a festival volunteer or even just a member of our audience who've got a thing or two to say - whomever chimes in, chances are you'll enjoy the read.