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Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Gravity Was Everwhere Back Then Fall may be fast-approaching, but there's still one more chance for an outdoor film at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. (NOTE: Film has since been moved inside to The Toby to keep you warm!) You'll be in good company too - the IMA is being joined by the IMA Contemporary Art Society, iMOCA and us over at Indy Film Fest to present "Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then" (2010, 75 min., dir. Brent Green, USA) on Saturday, October 1 at 7:30 p.m.

Filmmaker Brent Green & His Touring House
Based on a true story, the film follows Leonard, a church-music playing hardware clerk from Louisville. Upon his wife's diagnosis of cancer, Leonard begins building his house into what he hopes will be a "healing machine" to rid his wife of her disease. The unexpected windows and doorways might call to mind Alice in Wonderland meets Picasso, but it's like nothing you've ever seen. A total dream land.

Filmmaker and narrator Brent Green visited the real-life home of Leonard before it was demolished and recreated it in his own back yard for the film. When asked how long it took to re-build the house and the rest of the set, he says, "A while.  A great long while." I'm guessing that means waaaaay longer than you and I can even imagine.

Brent and his crew have packed up the house, all the handmade furniture and toured with the film to museums and places all over the world. You might think carrying around another man's story with all that baggage would begin to feel burdensome, but not so for Green. When I asked, he answered, "It's great. I wanted to celebrate Leonard Wood's story. It seems like, as a society, we ignore the folks that make our culture one worth living in. Leonard was certainly one of those people, and it's thrilling to me people are letting me drag this story, with or without the house attached, all over the globe. Thrilling."

A Live Score?!
The folk-punk score will be performed live along with the film by Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Drew Henkels (Drew and the Medicinal Pen), John Swartz (Guy Maddin’s orchestra), and Donna K (who plays Mary in "Gravity..."). The movie was always meant to be shown with the live soundtrack, so they don't screen it often without it. IMA's outdoor amphitheater, with the trees towering around, is a dreamy place to see live music and how often do you get to hear the live score with a movie?

Add in a cash bar, a few blankets (it's BYO-blanket or lawn chair) and we're set for a one-of-a-kind film experience. Tickets are $10-15, and are available on IMA's site. Get tickets

According to Rachel Saltz in The New York Times, the film “radiates an oddball homemade charm.” Oddball homemade charm. Sounds magical, indeed.

View the trailer:

Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then from Brent Green on Vimeo.


Kickstart our Hearts!

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Recently, we shared an article on twitter on what it takes to run a festival. We always hopes it FEELS like magic, but the truth is, there's a lot of prep going on behind the scenes. A gazillion moving parts. Hundreds of volunteer hours. Venue contracts. Equipment rental. Printing costs...

This year, we're starting off our membership drive as a kickstarter. We invite you to be a part of our little festival: become a backer here.

Kickstart Indy Film Fest

We'll add it up with all of the others to create one deliciously amazing film festival, right here in Indy at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. And when you come to the fest this summer, you'll know you own a little piece of it. And a big hunk of our gratitude.

The gratitude comes with each gift, but we've also cooked up a whole host of perks for various levels. We're offering up everything from movie passes to a reserved seat in the theatre for the duration of the festival. Fancy stuff.

Please join us by giving, asking your friends to donate and shouting out the good word to help us reach our goal of $4,000!


Dare We Say It?

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Is it just me, or does it feel like the Indy film scene is heating up? Dare we even label it a "film scene?" As a volunteer entrenched and smitten with this festival, I thought maybe it was just me being hyper-aware of movie happenings.

But lately it seems there's more and more to choose from - different venues, new themes. One minute I'm in awe of something the IMA is putting on, the next I'm intrigued by IMOCA's new series.

It isn't just me, apparently. The Indy Star had a great article summing up all of this magic, plus a handy list to keep at the ready.

What do you think? Are you happy with the local film offerings? Is there anything you'd want to see more of?

Image credit: Carbon Arc via Flickr


Ooh la la. Noir Nights with the IMA

Posted by Sara McGuyer

IMA's 2011 Winter Nights

If you've ever counted down the days until the Indianapolis Museum of Art fires up their Summer Nights, you're in luck. They're starting a new series called WINTER NIGHTS, featuring classic films on Friday nights at The Toby.

Even more exciting is this winter's theme, Noir and Neo Noir. Ooh la la. Prepare yourself for the dark and stylish, a chance to see some old greats return to the big screen. And film purists rejoice - all films are shown in 35 mm (except Memento, which will be shown on DVD).

The series kicks off on January 7 with Blood Simple, the Coen brothers' feature film debut. Tickets are $9, just $5 for IMA members. Snag your tickets in advance here. The film starts at 7 pm. For more details, see IMA's site.

Check out the full schedule for 2011 WINTER NIGHTS:

Kudos to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for their ongoing support of cinema. They're not only a sponsor and gracious host of our Indianapolis International Film Festival each summer, they put together amazing events like these to keep movie lovers in Indy sated year round. Thanks, IMA!


Relive Our Past

Posted by Sara McGuyer

We are chugging away with plans for 2011. Of course, we think it will be the best fest yet. Until then, we invite you to relive our past. Check out a recap of all that rocked in 2010, cut together by our own Michael Tressler.

If you went to the festival, what did you like? Or not like? Please do tell us before we finalize our plans for the year. Your feedback, encouragement and constructive criticism are all appreciated!


12/9/10 :: plan a trip to Marwencol

Posted by Sara McGuyer

I was excited for Marwencol (2010, dir. Jeff Malmberg, 82 mins., USA) before I read this great review in the LA Times. I think we're in for a treat, Indy. We're partnering with the Indianapolis Museum of Art to bring this film to town on Thursday, December 9 at 7 p.m. Not convinced? Check out the official trailer.

The Scoop: Marwencol is a wildly fascinating film portrait of a troubled, gifted eccentric named Mark Hogancamp. After being nearly beaten to death, Hogancamp provides his own therapy by retreating to a fantasy world of his own impressive making: he shoots perfectly composed, painstakingly crafted photographs of GI Joe and Barbie dolls inhabiting a scale version of a war-torn town he names Marwencol, enacting a cycle of romance and violence. Winner of a Grand Jury prize at South by Southwest 2010.

Purchase advance tickets here - $9, or $5 for IMA members. See you at the Toby?