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2013 Indy Film Fest Grand Holiday

Posted by Craig Mince

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Giving Tuesday!?!? I honestly didn’t know this was a thing until yesterday when I received some pre-Giving Tuesday e-mails. It was kind of like getting those “leaked” Black Friday ads way before you’re ready for them, but you still have to start plotting out your plan of attack to beat the lady in the nightgown to the elusive black and green Furby at the local Walmart.

Oh well, here’s our “pitch.”

The Indy Film Fest had it best year yet! Indulge me and let me run down the list real quick:

  • Spring Series = Sell Out!
  • Roving Cinema = Sell Out!
  • Fall Series = 30 tickets shy of a Sell Out!
  • 5X5 Win = funding to create the Popped Up Cinema program
  • Indy Film Fest = Highest attendance ever (up 5% over last year)
  • Indy Film Fest = Highest box office revenue ever (up 30% over last year)
  • Indy Film Fest = Largest opening night attendance (Drinking Buddies)
  • Indy Film Fest = Largest closing night attendance & largest attendance for a single screening ever (Don Jon)

And the biggest point is:

  • All of the above was planned, organized and executed by an ALL VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION!

Yep that’s right, no one, except Neal “the intern”, got paid to offer up any of the programming we offered in 2013. No One. We all have day jobs, families, hobbies and other interests.

Don’t let those 2013 accomplishments fool you. Its expensive to offer up the kind of programming we offer on a year-round basis. It’s so expensive, most larger festivals and film societies around the country don’t offer programming like this, at least to the extent we do. Why do we do it?

We do it for the passion.

We do it for the love of film.

We do it for the betterment of OUR city and state.

We do it for you!

As we look to take our organization further and further, we’re going to need your help to get there, which is why all of us at Indy Film Fest are asking you to consider giving to our little rag tag organization on this Giving Tuesday (or Whoopee Wednesday, or heck, even Thirsty Thursday).

You can rest assured that every penny of your tax-deductible gift, yep we are 501(c)3, will go right back into bringing you quality film programming you just won’t get anywhere else.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation at www.

Happy Holidays!


Craig Mince

Board President

Indy Film Fest