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Shiny New Things!

Posted by Sara McGuyer

We're constantly seeking ways to add to the festival vibe. Our mission is to create a shared experience around film. This means after we watch the movies, we want to mingle and talk and offer various ways for local film lovers to interact with the fest and each other.

So, here's a few shiny new things we're doing this year, and we do hope you like them!

Reel Mosaic by Carbon Arc

Photo Booth
Thanks to our new sponsor SmallBox, we're setting up a Spinshot photo booth on opening and closing night parties. Be on the lookout for it and be sure to get your photo snapped!

Festival Lounge
Another new partner for the festival, RJE Knoll is outfitting the IMA's Fountain Room with some swank furniture to help create the 2011 Festival Lounge. This will be the place to be between screenings to catch up with friends, to chat about the films and maybe meet a director or two! The music will be oh so good – DJ TwinPeaks will be making a few stops in the lounge, and our friends at My Old Kentucky Blog (MOKB) are sharing their first two shufflers, which are chock full of awesomeness. Our Official Beer of the Fest, Sun King, will be on hand with their Popcorn Pilsner. Could their be a better beer to pair with movies? We think not. Did we mention Just Pop In will be serving up their delicious popcorn?. Oh yes. The lounge will be the place to be, that is – if you aren't watching movies. The lounge will be open July 15-17 from 4p to 11p.

After Party Spots
This year we've organized a slate of bars to head to after the movies every night. Once you've seen the flicks, you want to talk about them, hang out with other film lovers and continue drinking in the vibe of the fest. So come on out after the show!

Th 7/14 – Opening Night Party at The Bar at the Ambassador
Fri 7/15 – O’Reilly’s

Sat 7/16 – Sensu
Sun 7/17 - Mesh
Mon 7/18 – Elbow Room
Tues 7/19 – White Rabbit
Wed 7/20 – Ball and Biscuit
Th 7/21 – Urban Element
Fri 7/22 – Tavern on South
Sat 7/23 – Closing Night Party at Agio

Image credit: Reel mosaic by Carbon Arc via flickr


Hello, Red Carpet

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Is there anything more exciting in movies than opening night? The buzz, the glamour, the after-party magic. For us, opening night sets the tone for the rest of the festival.

We can't think of a better way to do that this year than to kick things off with Fox Searchlight's ANOTHER EARTH. Join us July 14, 7 p.m. at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Your ticket gets you into the film and the after-party at Bar at the Ambassador. If you haven't been before, the Bar offers a darkly elegant atmosphere with an expansive marble bar and eclectic New Orleans art collection. The Bar has been kind enough to provide complimentary appetizers for you to enjoy. Full service menu and bar will be available. Opening Night sponsor Just Pop In! will be on hand with a selection of their decidedly delectable popcorn, as will Sun King Brewery, sampling their own Popcorn Pilsner! And be sure to get your photo snapped – keep your eyes open for the Spinshot photo booth, courtesy of SmallBox!

Get tickets here.


The 2011 Line-Up!

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Indy Film Fest Festival Laurels

It's finally here - the official 2011 line-up!

For months we've been watching hundreds of submissions. Our screening committee - a diverse group of volunteers with different tastes in film - began watching movies in April to start narrowing the field.

After months of viewing, planning and deliberation, we're pleased to announce the official selections. Films will run July 14-24 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Go here to see the full line-up and buy tickets! We'll continue to share highlights of the upcoming fest here with you. See you at the IMA in a month?


Just a little bump

Posted by Lisa Trifone

We love our friends over at Magnet Films in Broad Ripple. They've made us this simple but fun bumper you'll be seeing a lot of at this year's festival. Enjoy!

2011 Indy Film Fest bumper


All Hail the King!

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Sun King, that is. We are out-of-our-mind excited to announce that Sun King has been named the official beer of the 2011 Indianapolis International Film Festival.

When our board president, Craig Mince, approached Sun King about the opportunity, the fine team at the brewery said yes before he could finish his sentence.

What does this all mean? It means come movie time during the fest at the IMA (July 14 through 24) you can enjoy Sun King beers in the theatres. Sun King will be the only beer sold during festival screenings and brewery staff will be on site during the entire festival run.

New this year, we're having a Sneak Peek Party, and what better place to have it than at Sun King?

Thursday, June 16 | 7-10 p.m.
Sun King Brewing Co., 135 N. College Ave.

We'll announce the official lineup for the 2011 festival. The Sneak Peek will be the first opportunity to purchase festival tickets, Sun King will sell pints (including a limited supply of Popcorn Pilsner) TwinPeaks will man the turntables, Yelp will provide the popcorn and food will be provided by Scratch Food Truck. We hope you'll come and rock the brewery with us. RSVP on Facebook.

We'll see you there, right? Until then, help us thank Sun King by showing them some love. Tweet sweet nothings to them @SunKingBrewing and tell them you're glad they'll be a part of the fest. And order Sun King when you're out and about. If you go somewhere that doesn't have any, tell the bartender they're missing out!


Topic Du Jour: Opening Night Selection

Posted by Sara McGuyer

The hot topic du jour in the festival office is the opening night film. What film matches the mood we're seeking? Which will help us build buzz? Much thought and discussion goes into this one decision.

Barry MundayWhile we're digging into our selections and programming this year's lineup, you can have a festival in your own living room. If you're a netflix subscriber, the 2010 opening night film Barry Munday is available to watch instantly.

In the film, Barry loses his ability to procreate after a bludgeoning via trumpet (ouch!). He learns he has unwittingly impregnated a recent sexual partner, no matter that he doesn't  recall even meeting her. A quirky and hilarious tale unfolds as Barry tries to navigate a new relationship and the path to parenthood. Earns points for a stellar cast and frequent laughs.

Do tell: have you discovered any of your festival favorites on Netflix?


Hey VIPs, let’s make magic!

Posted by Sara McGuyer

It’s pretty simple really. As an official backer of the 2011 festival, you’re part of the action. And one of the VIPs that makes it all happen. Here’s how it works: You and your friends make a small contribution, and depending on the level, we’ll give you FREE tickets and wearables. With the dollars we raise, we can allocate much-needed resources to host workshops, program special events and bring in filmmakers from all over to create the one-of-a-kind experiences we’re known to provide for film lovers all over the region. Dollar for dollar, here’s how it all breaks out:

Support Indy Film Fest, Earn tickets & more.

what you give | what you get:

$10 - Two Tickets to the 2011 Indy Film Fest (a $20 value)

where it goes: covers an hour of a professional projectionist’s expertise, ensuring that
every festival ?lm screens masterfully

$25 - Four Tickets to the 2011 Indy Film Fest (a $40 value)

where it goes: one summer month's utility bill at the festival office

$50 - 10-pack of Tickets and a FREE Indy Film Fest T-shirt ($120 value)

where it goes: daily rental fee for HDCam deck to screen ?lms on the best format in
the industry

$100 - One All-Access pass, a 10-pack of Tickets and a FREE Film Fest Tee
($220 value)

where it goes: estimated theater rental costs for a single screening

$250 - Two All-Access passes, a 10-pack of Tickets and a FREE Indy Film
Fest T-shirt ($320 value)

where it goes: guest and presentation materials for a ?lmmaking panel


Your Ad Here :: Become a Festival Sponsor

Posted by Lisa Trifone

Sponsor GuideAt the Indianapolis International Film Festival, we're known for our movies. But we wouldn't have movies - or parties, or panels or anything else - without the amazing audience that comes out for everything we do.

We reach an Indianapolis audience of movers, doers, influencers and - most importantly - buyers. With thousands of tickets redeemed each year - and only growing! - plus publication in issues of Nuvo distributed around the city, your participation with the Indy Film Fest is going to be seen. Add in website coverage, our awesome social media reach and the opportunity to put your name directly on a film, party or event and your partnership becomes an entry into one of the highest-profile arts events on the scene.

What's more, by supporting the festival as a sponsor, you and your business are standing up for the arts in Indianapolis, putting your name on the importance of expanding the culture of the city. In a town with stellar music, fine art and dance, partnering with the Indy Film Fest will only bolster an already strong film presence in Indianapolis.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, check out our opportunities here. Partnerships range from a high-end title sponsorship that puts your name next to ours, to a quarter-page ad in our festival program that puts your name in the audience's hands.

We can't wait to work with you.


Kickstart our Hearts!

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Recently, we shared an article on twitter on what it takes to run a festival. We always hopes it FEELS like magic, but the truth is, there's a lot of prep going on behind the scenes. A gazillion moving parts. Hundreds of volunteer hours. Venue contracts. Equipment rental. Printing costs...

This year, we're starting off our membership drive as a kickstarter. We invite you to be a part of our little festival: become a backer here.

Kickstart Indy Film Fest

We'll add it up with all of the others to create one deliciously amazing film festival, right here in Indy at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. And when you come to the fest this summer, you'll know you own a little piece of it. And a big hunk of our gratitude.

The gratitude comes with each gift, but we've also cooked up a whole host of perks for various levels. We're offering up everything from movie passes to a reserved seat in the theatre for the duration of the festival. Fancy stuff.

Please join us by giving, asking your friends to donate and shouting out the good word to help us reach our goal of $4,000!


Be part of the scene – volunteer with us!

Posted by Lisa Trifone

Did you know that the Indy Film Fest is an entirely volunteer-run organization? That's right - not a one of us is a paid staffer or contract employee. We do it because we love it, because we believe in the power of film to build community.

Based on your tweets, your Facebook likes and the word of mouth we're hearing more of every day, you believe in it, too. If that's the case, and if you happen to be looking for a way to be more involved in making the festival happen, you're in luck. We're now accepting new volunteer applications!

Opportunities abound for participating with the festival - pick up a single shift and help with crowd control, or serve as a Theatre Captain and rule the roost for the day, coordinating your fellow volunteers. If you're interested, email volunteer AT indyfilmfest DOT org to request an application. We'll review it and add you to our roster for upcoming opportunities.

Sure, the festival is still months away (July 14 - 24!) - but it's never too early to get involved. Looking for additional opps? Start here.