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We Didn’t Pay Him, We Swear

One thing I love about this film festival is that every year I meet new people who catch the festival bug. Last night at our screening at Libertine, I met Chris Overpeck, who has made it to films each day since we kicked off, and who also writes for local blog Punchnels.

We swear we didn't pay him to say this:

I remember feeling giddy about this film festival last year and I raved about how outstanding it was, and it really was great. But it’s better this year. So far, it simply has not missed. The films have been great, the people have been great, but there’s something more. It’s hard to describe, but after a few days, the festival really starts to feel like summer camp. Night after night, you’re walking the same route, seeing some of the same faces and just feeling amazing. If you only catch one or two films, that’s great (and you just must), but the best way to experience this festival is to see as much as you possibly can. The films are great, but I’ve had this rare feeling that I’m making memories that I’ll carry with me forever. Sounds hyperbolic and silly, I know, but I bet I’m not alone. Make it a priority to see some films this week. You will not regret it.

Wow. You can read his full post here.

It might seem a little self-indulgent to post his praise, but I'm going out a limb anyway because this is why we do this. It's that feeling (the one he mentions is so hard to describe) of belonging to this film community, of being able to just show up and know you'll see friends who will talk movies with you.

The first step to tapping into that feeling - just come and watch a few movies and take a chance on us. Don't have a partner in crime? No worries. Just come alone. I discovered the joy of going to a movie theater alone later in life than I'd like. I'd be really surprised if you were the only one watching solo at any screening we host for the rest of the fest.

There are six days left to experience the festival! Have a look at the full program here, and tell us, what are you going to come and see?


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