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Guest post by Joe Ball
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Ping. Beep. Squawk. Clap. Hum.

Think of all of the noises and sounds we encounter every day. Which of those do we choose to focus on and which are just distractions? Which prevent you from being present in the moment? We are surrounded by sound. As I watched this film on my computer, I could hear the clang of dinner being prepared, the swash of the washing machine, and the hum of the dryer in the adjacent rooms. Even now as I write this blog, I can hear my Spotify playlist, the office’s A/C unit, someone’s radio, and two separate conversations in the hallway. Hold on, my phone just buzzed to alert me of a text…Ok, where were we? Oh right; is all of this noise necessary?

Ding. Honk. Bark. Knock. Swish.

EUPHONIA (2012 – ornana films) can be classified as an experimental film; one that dials up the sound mix of everything seen on the screen. The film follows a boy as he documents his suburban high school life and all of its marvelous sounds through a portable sound recorder. Living through this new tool, the landscape opens and he feels more in tune within his surroundings. Every sound is lush and hypnotic. Everyone has a story to tell. Random pieces of junk can be turned into a drum set. Tires squeak. Birds chirp. Girls giggle.

However, as he navigates through his daily routine, the recording of life’s sounds becomes an obsession. The tool used as an aide is now becoming a hindrance, and he can’t tune the noise out. His focus is distorted and he can no longer engage with those around him. What is he missing by hearing but not listening? What was the pretty girl in English class saying as she recited Shakespeare?

Crunch. Tap. Boom. Ting. Click. Snap.

I admit, each year during the middle part of the Oscars, I tend to ignore the technical awards given to sound effects and editing. However, EUPHONIA does a fantastic job of making you pay attention to those aspects of the film. If you’re a movie buff who geeks out on production and sound editing, an audiophile, or just a card-carrying member of the Michael Winslow Fan Club, you will no doubt love EUPHONIA. If you’re attending the Indy Film Fest and looking for something different, consider viewing and listening to this film. Leave your distractions at the door, and you’ll be rewarded.

The 2013 Indianapolis International Film Festival will take place July 18 to 28. Secure your tickets now for EUPHONIA. 

Friday, July 19 @ 7:00 in the Toby
Monday, July 22 @ 4:00 in the Toby

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