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Guest post by Kelly Millspaugh
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COLDWATER opens with a young man named Brad being forcibly removed from his home in the middle of the night and taken to a juvenile rehabilitation center called Coldwater. Brad was a bad kid. He sold drugs and had a bit of a temper when it came to his mother and her new boyfriend. He continued to disobey and his mother felt being taken to Coldwater was the only way he would avoid jail time and have a chance to be reformed. Coldwater is run by ex-military and not bound by any criminal justice system laws or standards. These young men may be bad seeds but they are treated like animals and put through the wringer in hopes of coming out as soft spoken gentlemen who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Brad initially rebels but learns that playing along is the only way he may be able to expose the truth about Coldwater and stop the inhumane treatment from continuing.

The film is shot well and the cast is very strong. PJ Boudousqué is excellent in his role as Brad. He had the ability to appear disengaged and emotionless when it was necessary but a subtle change in facial expression or sideways glance reminded you that this was a troubled guy who was just trying to survive. He does resemble Ryan Gosling physically but seems to also have Gosling's impressive range. I think we will see a lot more of him in the future. At times the violence and torture endured by the inmates is cringe-worthy but I think it’s necessary to really understand why these facilities are doing more harm than good. I have only really hinted at the storyline of the film because I do not want to reveal too much.

COLDWATER is mostly a drama but the third act is really more of a thriller. Ultimately, COLDWATER is a story that reveals that “good” guys and “bad” guys in life are not always easy to label.

The 2013 Indianapolis International Film Festival will take place July 18 to 28. Secure your tickets now for COLDWATER.

Sunday, July 21 @ 8:30 in the Toby
Friday, July 26 @ 4:30 in the Toby

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