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Guest post by Chad Dickerson

BLOOD BROTHER is sponsored by Eskenazi Health

Simply put, BLOOD BROTHER is a touching and honest film about a young American from Pittsburgh who travels to India and finds his family, a family that consists of a group of children living together with HIV, and decides to dedicate his life to caring for them and giving them the love and respect we all deserve.

The film opens with a scene of two men lifting a girl from the pavement, naked except the blanket that covers her, hurriedly attempting to transport her by motorcycle to a hospital, only to realize along the way that she has become lifeless.  Such is the life of Rocky, a young man who has decided to dedicate his life to children living with HIV. As you watch, you see the reality of HIV and the value that Rocky brings to the lives of these children.

A beautifully shot and well-made film, BLOOD BROTHER lays bare the story of Rocky, who grew up with his own fragmented family and stumbles upon a purpose for his life, a purpose so strong and certain that everyone who watches must envy him in some way, even if they can’t imagine living with the hardships that come with it.  And it’s the contradiction of hardship and joy this life brings that makes the film interesting.

This is an honest portrait of a young American in India. At times I expected the film to be sappy or for Rocky to come across as arrogant and self-righteous (why haven’t I given up my a/c and tv to help poor, HIV-infected children?!), but that never happened.  While I believed that Rocky really felt at home with these children half way around the world from where he grew up, he is able to admit the difficulty and suffering he has endured without portraying himself as a victim.  And at some point, I wanted to feel sad that he needed to be in a place so far away to find a family.  However, I also realize that some of us live our whole lives with our relatives and never have the true “family” that Rocky has found.

Rocky never puts it upon someone else to do what he has decided to do. He simply lives the life that works for him, which is what makes this story so inspiring.  And I hope that I can some day have such a tremendously wonderful impact on one person that Rocky has had on so many.

The 2013 Indianapolis International Film Festival will take place July 18 to 28. Secure your tickets now for BLOOD BROTHER.

Saturday, July 20 @ 7:30 in the Toby

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