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Guest post by Erin O'Rourke
You might have guessed by her name that Erin is Irish. She bleeds Irish green, Butler blue and Cardinals red. A Downtown resident and arts supporter Erin is always out and about exploring the Circle City.

It’s such a cliché to want to call LAD: A YORKSHIRE STORY a coming of age tale, but that’s honestly what it is. Tom is a young man growing up in Yorkshire Dales, North England, and loses his father to a heart attack. Life changes dramatically for him, his mom and brother. You can see the family struggle- how can they get past this? Tom’s acting out leads to his subsequent community service time done with Al, the National Park Ranger who helps him overcome his feelings of sadness and anger.

The movie is technically about how the relationship between Al and Tom helps Tom grow up, but my favorite interactions were between Tom and his mom. His mom is a wonderful character, standing up for her family, and figuring out how to support them without his dad. The scenes with the two of them in it seem to come from such a place of love that you can’t help but enjoy when they were onscreen together.

The countryside scenes are breathtaking, and the mini love story that develops between Tom and Al’s granddaughter was amusing. The film's relationships felt real, and that made me want these characters to succeed as they strive to overcome these hurdles, and figure out how to move forward.

The 2013 Indianapolis International Film Festival will take place July 18 to 28. Secure your tickets now for LAD.

Friday, July 19 @ 4:15 in the Toby
Friday, July 26 @ 2:15 in the Toby

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