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Guest post by Chad Dickerson

How much should we share with a romantic encounter we’ve just met? Should we “omit the truth” for a few weeks?  Should we abandon mystery and share everything about ourselves right away?  What if you’re a guy with a penchant for antique dishes (aptly called a “disher”) or you’re a young woman living on the street making due robbing people with your gun-toting thug of a brother and his friend?

IN RETURN is a love story about Thompson, a love-sick guy who works the return desk at a women’s boutique, and Lola, a pretty and sensitive girl who likes to keep talk about herself to a minimum.  Unknowing to Thompson, Lola spares him a mugging by her brother and his friend late at night while Thompson makes personal confessions about his love life to Toronto’s CN Tower.  The next day, after speaking to his older female co-worker who acts as his psychologist, Thompson sets out to find Lola again and spark a romance.  As the story moves along, Thompson must deal with his lavender-wearing dopey boss and womanizing flat mate who makes half-attempts to convince him to keep emotions at bay.

The City of Toronto also joins in the supporting cast, which is a nice change from the typical “every city” that is usually portrayed in movies filmed in Canadian towns, as if the filmmaker is trying to get the audience to forget he or she doesn’t have the budget for New York. The city’s notable CT Tower plays an important role as Lola helps Thompson conquer his fear of heights and discard the need for adult diapers.  And while they don’t fall from the tower they do fall for each other, but once all mystery is gone they must decide if they truly want to accept and love each other.

This film reminds us that all of us have been returned by someone.  We all have our unique “imperfections” that some will find simply unique, perhaps like those jeans that fit so well on some but simply should not be worn by others.  We, like those jeans, are always “in return” until someone decides to forget the return policy and love us for all that we are.

The 2013 Indianapolis International Film Festival will take place July 18 to 28. Secure your tickets now for IN RETURN.

Saturday, July 20 @ 1:00 in the Toby
Wednesday, July 24 @ 9:00 in the Toby

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