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Grand HolidayMy movie-watching comes in seasons. It's that time of year for what is perhaps one of my favorites: re-watching all of my beloved holiday flicks. In the quiet of the end of the year, I try to take stay-cation, and have started a new tradition of going to the theater solo. In the bitter cold of January, I re-visit the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And then something magical takes place: I transition to watching screening copies of our film submissions.

Our summer fest may seems worlds away, but even today, we're putting all sorts of moving parts into place: seeking sponsors, planning parties, negotiating vendor contracts. This 10 day festival is a long time in the making, and needs a lot of care and support to come into being.

Now through the end of the year, we're in a mad dash to make it a Grand Holiday and raise $2,500, all of which will support our tenth festival. Ten is a big, exciting milestone for us, and we're committed to making this the best fest yet.

$2,500 isn't a huge amount. We're not looking for one or two people to swoop in and take out our whole goal. What we're wishing is for all of our fans to come together and chip in. Can you give $5? Cool. $50? Fantastic.

In case you aren't convinced, here are a few reasons to give:

1. The fest brings awesome movies to Indy.
2. We have a film reel wearing a santa hat. I mean, can you really say no to that?
3. A lot of volunteers pour heart, soul and sweat into this thing. Our collective hearts will swell with gratitude for you.

Seriously I love this festival, and I know I'm not alone. Let's all make a grand holiday for the fest, shall we?

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