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Just Pop In! <3 Indy Film Fest

It's here! The 2012 Opening Night event, once again presented by Just Pop In!, is upon us.

Don't have your tickets yet? Have we got a deal for you. Your just one Facebook like away from not only a four-pack of tickets (film and party included!) to the big event, but the amazing Just Pop In! prize pack pictured, too.

All you have to do is like us on Facebook. Easy as that. Like us by 3p Thursday afternoon and we'll pick a winner to join us at Opening Night. Already a Facebook fan? Leave a comment here naming your favorite film of all time, and you'll also be entered to win!

Learn more about Opening Night here - a screening of THE ORANGES starring Hugh Laurie, and a party at Sun King Brewing right after.

Want to guarantee a seat? Get your tickets here. Anyone attending is entered to win tickets to Hugh Laurie's upcoming concert at the Palladium, too. It could be your lucky night!

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  1. My favorite film? Probably “Singing in the Rain,” although “Rear Window” is right up there as well.

  2. The Indy Film Fest is an great opportunity to catch some amazing independent films! The IMA and Earth House Collective are ideal locations for film showings!

  3. Indy Film Fest, Just Pop In AND Sun King? I am so there!

  4. Nothing better than movies, popcorn and beer.

  5. Pi is my favorite film.

  6. It’s not classic, but it’s my favorite: Drop Dead Gorgeous.

  7. Favorite film of all time? How does one answer that?? I think for watchability (over & over & over) and the fact it can bring a laugh and a tear every time, I have to say “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

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