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Indy Film Fest 2012: TILT

Elizabeth Friedland Guest Post by Elizabeth Friedland
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When I first heard “Tilt” was a Bulgarian movie set in the 1980’s Communist era, I wasn’t exactly optimistic about the film. Luckily, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Tilt” opens with a group of guys in their late teens/early twenties doing typical Communist Bulgarian frat boy type things. They watch porn. They play arcade games. They ride skateboards, listen to the Beastie Boys (RIP) and pull pranks on one another. One of these “Jackass” style stunts done by a guy nicknamed Stash has him falling (quite literally) for a stunning and mysterious punk rocker girl.

Sparks fly, and from there it’s just your typical Bulgarian love story – boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy… and the Communist police try to keep them apart. It’s Romeo and Juliet, if Renaissance Italy was 1989 Eastern Europe.

Yes, you’ll have to do some reading (it’s subtitled, so bring your glasses), but this movie is well worth the extra effort. The chemistry between the two star-crossed lovers in intense, and the peek into Communist life (which isn’t as far back as it seems) is quite interesting.

Grab your crush and see this one. While they might roll their eyes when you tell them it’s a retro Bulgarian flick, they’ll come to realize love conquers all – even (perhaps) Communism.

Viktor Chouchkov 2011
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