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Indy Film Fest 2012: SPORTS IN INDIANA

Guest post by Nik Browning
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'Black Baseball in Indiana'

In this short, a group of Ball State Students study the Negro baseball league as it took place in Indiana in the 1920s. This film keeps its focus not as much on the politics or the ignorance that makes the league necessary at all. Instead, the focus is mainly to celebrate the history and the players that made it possible. This documentary is rich with photos and films of the time. As we transition from Indianapolis' ABC's to the Clowns, we learn about the teams through historical accounts as well as amusing anecdotes from those still around to tell the tales.

Also remarkable are the local shots taken with today's cameras with a bold richness that still transitions nicely to the well-worn black and white footage. The film stops short after Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in the majors. We see how the Negro league worked to keep its audience in spite of the changes that were coming in the national scene. Having said that, little attention is given to Hank Aaron, who entered his minor league career with the Clowns before taking a job in Boston.
Black Baseball in Indiana
Zachary Perlinski 2011
Categories: Hoosier Lens Shorts

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'Lucky Teter And His Hell Drivers'

A wonderful story of a fellow Hoosier who fell into an accidental career path. After a car wreck nearly killed him, Earl Teter recovered, dubbed himself "Lucky" a decided to entertain people by crashing cars for a living. This being a time before cable TV brought us daily trainwrecks on 127 channels by way of Reality Shows, Lucky traveled state fairs and speedways testing the limits of Detroit's finest.

With great narration by Indy's own Dave Dugan, who could easily take Keith David's place as voice man for hire, this film brings a human element to a performer who was otherwise all explosions and twisted metal. The tragedy that was certain to unfold finalizes the story, but the archived footage will help us to remember the ride of Lucky's life that brought excitement to thousand of national spectators.

Lucky Teter and His Hell Drivers
Dan T. Hall 2011
Categories: Matter of Fact Shorts

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Overall, two very well-made local docs bringing to light underreported aspects of Indiana sportsmen.
Sports in Indiana
Categories: Shorts Program

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