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Indy Film Fest 2012: RUBBERNECK

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Psycho-sexual-obsession panic attacks. I’ve had it up to here with them! Actually.. I wanted to start this blog post off on a light hearted note because this film is truly the opposite of light hearted and recounting the intensity and anxiety within such a film isn’t always the most positive way to start a fella’s day.

Rubberneck digs deep. Equal parts psychological, evocative, passionate and anxiety inducing, this film pushes characters further down the emotional spectrum in a fantastically slow burn of a pace than it could possibly hint towards when we first meet Paul. Paul (Alex Karpovsky) is your classic purpose and passion-less protagonist who seems to have hit an unpleasant plateau. His career has stagnated and abandonment issues stemming from childhood have left him without many deep relationships. When a passionate office party fling presents hope, he clings to it like a desperate child dangling from the monkey bars.

Paul’s optimism dissolves quickly back into the minutiae of his everyday existence when the subject of his fling, pretty coworker Danielle, puts the kibosh on the potential for a relationship. Paul doesn’t seem to get the hint, though, or really accept the fate of their relationship and broods silently over the course of 8 months.

That’s when $h*t gets real. Danielle tempts a new coworker into an affair, jealousy sets in and Paul begins a series of desperate attempts to destroy their romance. As Paul confronts his desolation, we begin to understand the underlying cause of his confusion: abandonment.

The most impressive aspect of this film is Karpovsky’s ability to realize the vision of his character’s emotional extremity. This builds from becoming a mere subject of pity in his purpose-less work environment to pain and confusion bred by lust and rejection all the way to intense panic attacks.

Yes, it gets intense, but the emotional build is well constructed, brick by brick. Just like real life. Although, let’s just pretend that psycho-sexual-obsession panic attacks don’t actually happen in real life.

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