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When your time’s up, it’s up, right? When the Grim Reaper (preferably played by Brad Pitt) himself shows up at your door, in his flowy black cloak, there’s no escaping it. You’re outta this world.

Depressing? Maybe. But perhaps there's a way we could cheat Death, or at least slow him down a little. We could freeze time with a film; preserve it with a photograph, or even just a keen memory, vividly etched in our minds.

The shorts in this series explore the ways we come to terms with death, our own mortality, and the legacy we leave behind.


An inspiring story on its own, the direction, cinematography, and pacing of this doc make it incredibly powerful. A man dying of (actually, living with) Lou Gehrig's disease comes to grips with his failing body, while examining what hope looks like in places where it shouldn’t exist.

Caleb Slain 2011
Categories: Matter of Fact Shorts


'memorial film'

Morbid as it maybe, we’ve all thought about it. What would it be like to attend your own funeral? Kanaskevich comes close to finding out, weirding out his close friends and family on camera by asking them to speak as if he’s already dead.

memorial film
Yonatan Kanaskevich 2011
Categories: Matter of Fact Shorts


'We Win or We Die'

Can one person win the war? Mehdii Zew, by all accounts, was just an ordinary man. But in one heroic sacrificial act, he breached the walls of the Katiba, Moammar Gaddafi’s looming, 2-mile fortress, liberating an entire city. Now he's a hero.

We Win or We Die
Matthew Millan 2011
Categories: Matter of Fact Shorts

View the trailer:


'Sheryl's Keyosk'

Meet Sheryl, the key lady. She’s been making keys in her tiny little key shop for more than 20 years. The cutesy, quirky, upbeat tone of this short might distract you from questioning whether Sheryl's key obsession is actually just an attempt to connect to her deceased, locksmith father.

Sheryl's Keyosk
Jeffrey Palmer 2011
Categories: Matter of Fact Shorts


'The Joseph Szabo Project'

A love letter to high school and the 1970s, this time capsule-like short is sure to make you feel like you're right back in homeroom. The Project is drawn from thousands of never-before-seen images from photographer and former Long Island high school teacher, Joseph Szabo.

The Joseph Szabo Project
David Khachatorian, George P. Pozderec 2011
Categories: Matter of Fact Shorts


Matter of Fact Shorts
Categories: Shorts Program

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The 9th annual Indianapolis International Film Festival features more than 100 films in 10 days. July 19-29 at IMA and Earth House. See the entire 2012 line up!


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