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Indy Film Fest 2012: MADONNA’S PIG

Inline image 1 Guest post from Adrienne Bailey.
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What do Madonna and a robotic pig named Porky possibly have in common? I should also mention that Porky has the ability to greatly aid in the reproduction of other pigs.

I would hope nothing immediately comes to mind. Because if so, I'd have to wonder…

Set in Northern Belgium, this film takes an odd approach at comedy while introducing a rather tame cast of characters brought together by unforeseen circumstances. Despite its comedic approach, the script and acting fall slightly short of what “laugh out loud moments” we might expect in an American film. But that’s okay- because it’s not an American film. It moves slower, but hang in there!

Traveling salesman Tony Roozen and his newest gadget, Porky, an integral part of a company competition, end up stranded in a ditch after a car accident. Desperate to make it back to civilization and meet his girlfriend for a family vacation with her parents, Tony stumbles across the small village of Madonna, land-marked with a central roundabout encompassing her statue, doubling up as a mailbox slot. Confused and perplexed by his surroundings, Tony finally crosses paths with village teacher, Maria Glorie and her great-grandmother, Gusta, who provide him with accommodations.

Aside from the two women, no one in the town is remotely interested in lending a hand. It could be due to the current state of conflict over the removal of the Madonna statue and roundabout, or the fact that Tony drags a robotic pig on leash around the village. Regardless, his stay in the classic, anything but modern Hamlet, is longer than expected. The plot’s twist and roles of the characters only become evident near the end of the film.

There are many more details to the story, so be sure and catch “Madonna’s Pig” at the Indy Film Fest.

Madonna's Pig
Frank Van Passel 2012
Categories: World Cinema Features

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