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Indy Film Fest 2012: CINEMA SIX

Guest Post by Nik Browning
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A movie for fans of Kevin Smith!

These filmmakers certainly are. And they do him proud, all things considered. Mason, Gabe and Dennis all work in the local small town movie theater. They are all in a state of suspended adolescence, well past the age that they should be content with that. They wax quixotic about pop culture references. They have a lazy work ethic and they hate the clientele that they cater to. Right now, you're thinking, "Clerks III"....

Which is a fair comparison. Other clichés follow- Mason is having problems because his wife is frustrated with his lack of direction or ambition. Dennis is floored by a recent broken heart. And Gabe is a paranoid, self-loathing nervous wreck who's afraid to take chances on anything- especially the fairer gender.

The good part is that while all of this is overly familiar, it is also instantly relatable. And while friendships are tested and lessons are learned, the main enjoyment of this film is the ride. I didn't get an F-bomb count while watching, but I'm pretty sure that the screenwriters were going for some "Scarface" record. Also, you will leave this movie with 204 new ways to emasculate your male friends in increasingly profane ways.

A great comedy that will bring out the most childish aspects of your personality, but may help you grow up a little too.

Cinema Six
Cole Selix, Mark Potts 2012
Categories: American Spectrum Features

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