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Indy Film Fest 2012: ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR

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"Andrew Bird: Fever Year” – Catch it at the Indianapolis Film Fest Before it Flies Away

“Andrew Bird: Fever Year” is a snapshot of Andrew Bird. It is a moving picture taken over a year of touring, and laid out before the viewer in one hour and twenty minutes. A beautiful film that is sipped, not gulped; should you choose to partake, you will be treated to selections from a Milwaukee performance while spending time with Andrew on his family farm, in the studio, and of course, on the road.

I imagine that there are two primary viewers of this film. Those who know who Andrew Bird is, and those who do not. I’ll admit that I sit firmly in the latter camp and prior to viewing knew nothing of this documentary’s subject. To be honest I found this surprising, as I am familiar with many of the film’s musician cameos, and consider myself fairly informed of independent music (I’ll consider this yet another facet of aging). This film does a great job of introducing Andrew in a way that wouldn’t insult his fans, with brief back-story moments woven throughout.

Being a touring musician is work that takes its toll, and it is apparent throughout the film that Andrew has worked for his success. The film is a quiet ride with peaks of concert footage folded into serene scenes of Andrew’s family farm and his renovated barn studio. There is also an awkwardness to the film that comes from Andrew’s narration and personality that feels mildly indulgent, yet confident and tasteful. I left feeling appropriately satisfied, neither terribly excited for more, nor overstuffed of artist ego.

Definitely a film worth checking out if you are a fan of Andrew’s or music in general. It is also worth noting that there is a chance this could be your only opportunity. Bird currently has no desire to release the film outside of the festival circuit.

Andrew Bird: Fever Year
Xan Aranda 2011
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