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Feelings are complicated, hard to understand, and at times completely out of our control. The feelings of those around you are always out of your control. If you agree with either of these statements you will relate to this Terence Nance film.

"An Oversimplification of Her Beauty" begins by giving the viewer a short synopsis of a young man's evening via narration: Imagine you arrive at home excited because an individual with whom you currently have more than friendly feelings for is coming over. Then they call and say they are not coming. The narrator and Nance ask the question: "How would you feel?" The film continues and gives more and more details and context to the evening in question.

Watching this film was a little like listening to a close friend describe in detail an interaction she or he had with a boy or girl. What they were wearing, how close they stood, when he smiled, when he seemed indifferent, what she said when they left, what he didn't say, what she wishes she had said…etc., etc. I have often been asked the "How would you feel?" or "What would you have done?" question. It is easy to put yourself in Nance's shoes. The details and context given make you feel like you are there and I found myself wishing I could talk to them and help them figure out what was going on between them. The film is unique because you also get reactions and commentary from Namik, the other side of this "will they, won't they" couple.

Nance does more than just give you details of his current relationship. He also examines relationships from the past. These segments were often animated and did an outstanding job of illustrating what happens when you give your heart to someone. The animation also illustrates the profound differences between fantasy and reality, between what we hope for and what really exists. Spending all evening imagining what could or should have happened isn't exactly productive, or healthy, but a lot of us have been there. If only they would have shown up, given me a chance, or just listened to me then we would be together and it would perfect.

This film is an over-analyzers dream. The romantics will watch it and feel an immense kinship to Terence as he tries to deconstruct years of experiences and interactions and come up with a good reason why things haven't progressed. Nance should be praised for being so transparent and opening his thoughts to the world and to Namik. If you liked "(500) Days of Summer" then you don't want to miss "An Oversimplification of Her Beauty".

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty
Terence Nance 2012
Categories: American Spectrum Features

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