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Indy Film Fest 2012: 311: IN THE MOMENT

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You’ve seen the news footage and probably listened to the stories of some of the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami survivors, but when did your news feed stop? While other world events have happened, drawing many people’s attention elsewhere, the people of Japan are facing every day what it will take to go on with life. "311: In the Moment" is a documentary that explores what a handful of Japanese women are doing to rebuild and move forward.

This film, released only a year after the Tsunami devastated Japan, is full of broken landscapes and harsh realities. This very real look at post-Tsunami Japan doesn’t take liberties to manipulate the viewer’s feelings, whether through stylized cinematography or inclusion of emotional interviews. A film exploring a natural disaster of such magnitude needs nothing more than people’s personal stories to pummel my emotions.

There’s so much good happening in Japan right now in the midst of destruction. The sheer fact that people are moving on from such a catastrophic disaster and rebuilding communities is amazing. More than that, the fact that this film focuses on the strength of women leading parts of this rebuilding process is important, and for that reason I appreciate the story that "311: In the Moment" is telling.

311:In the moment
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