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Welcome, Fancy Bloggers!

If you've been in tune with the fest, you just might have heard us hollering about our freshly announced 2012 line up. We couldn't be happier with the slate of films, our many sponsors and partners, and one outstanding group who is helping us spread the word about our films this year.

Back in February, we sent out a Valentine to a few handfuls of people we admire, people who have witty and smart things to say about art and culture in Indianapolis. We opened it up for a few more people to toss their name in too, in case people weren't on our radar. In the end, a really stellar group agreed to watch and review a few movies for us. In the coming days, you'll see our blog lit on fire like never before. Man alive, it's gonna be great.

Without further ado, please help us welcome these super stars!

Adrienne BaileyAdrienne Bailey
Bio: PR @ Young & Laramore. Music enthusiast w/ the travel bug. I love the outdoors, bike rides, food, art, beer/wine, movies and sports.

Aimée MacArthurAimée MacArthur
Bio: Aimée writes the blog, Indianapolis Amy, where she takes photos and shares her recommendations on food, movies, pop culture, and travel.

Ben TraubBen Traub
Bio: visual/audio artist that plays in bands, makes pictures, & loves film. movies are ok too. appreciates the absurd, enjoys romance, digs stuff

Brian WyrickBrian Wyrick
Bio: I am Brian, I like many things. Sometimes I like to write about them or share them.

Claire BrosmanClaire Brosman
Bio: Exploring how to build my life with my hands -- from my clothing to my soap and everything in between (while remaining socially acceptable).

Dan DarkDan Dark
Bio: Dan is a screener for the IIFF (Docs) and loves seeing movies in empty theaters. During the day he is Director of Content at Raidious.

Daniel FahrnerDaniel Fahrner
Bio: Marketing Man @SmallBox by day, underground strategy board game enthusiast and music business professional by night. Proud papa to be.

Elizabeth FriedlandElizabeth Friedland
Bio: Senior PR Manager living the ad agency life. Voracious consumer (and sometimes publisher) of the written word, culture, politics and music.

Evan StrangeEvan Strange
Bio: I'm an Indianapolitan working in tourism who loves tasty food, live music and just about every type of film.

Heath BenfieldHeath Benfield
Bio: Indy-based film fanatic ready to remake Hollywood in the Midwest. Instructor of Media Arts and Animation at Ai Indy

Heike BairdHeike Baird
Bio: Heike is a social media specialist for BLASTmedia. She also blogs for Indianapolis Monthly and puts hot sauce on everything.

Joe BallJoe Ball
Bio: Proud Hoosier. Consumer of movies, music, smart jokes, tacos & bourbon. Attempting to grow up without selling out.

Kate FranzmanKate Franzman
Bio: Copywriter at Pivot Marketing in Fountain Square. I love very old things and very new things. Francophile. Roller girl. Cat lady.

Kate PellKate Pell
Bio: Supporter of cool things & cool people. Lover of previews & movie trailers. Communicator at the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

Kelly MillspaughKelly Millspaugh
Bio: Office Manager at Formstack. Addicted to coffee and discovering new music. I prefer cold weather and speak sarcasm fluently.

Leslie Bailey
Bio: freelance writer | lifestyle blogger | cultural observer | fancy-pants columnist | martini lover | adventuress living a semi charmed life

Melanie WoodsMelanie Woods
Bio: Comm/marketing pro. Indy-ophile. Colts junkie. Art addict. Movie collection ranges from Harry Potter to City of God.

Nik Browning
Bio: Began musical blogging under myspace/facebook dev. - movies.

Rebecca MasbaumRebecca Masbaum
Bio: Social Media over-sharer, life & style blogger, and a natural red-head. I'm obsessed with my bike, food, and grammatical correctness.

You can see the whole list on twitter. Since you like movies, you should probably just follow them all so you can talk shop over the twittersphere!

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