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Indy Film Fest 2012: THE KINGS OF YORKTOWN

Dan Dark Guest post by Dan Dark
Bio: Dan is a screener for the IIFF (Docs) and loves seeing movies in empty theaters. During the day he is Director of Content at Raidious.

There are two types of criminals in the world. There are blood-thirsty degenerates who seem to only desire to inflict as much pain and destruction on people until they are caught or killed. A fringe of society that has no care for laws and decency, and possesses no moral order.

The other kind, and the breed portrayed in Darren Marshall’s 'The Kings of Yorktown,' are more con-men, scammers and thieves who don’t want to destroy the world, but rather just get by the best, and probably only, way they know how. Grinding their way through life one job at a time, by nickel-and-diming neighborhood kids out of their money with magic tricks and a swindling a few hundred dollars from a bartender whenever they can.

That’s where we meet our crew: two brothers, the ringleader Ed and the facile Richard, along with their friend Henry. Their petty crimes won’t get them out of scraping a living in their small burg of Yorktown, so the brothers go looking for their big payday by going to work inside a bank where Henry is already employed as security guard.

But in order to get access to the vault they must first gain the trust of their new coworkers, Elizabeth and Annette, and as their lives intertwine, bonds are made and promises are broken.

These three thieves are no Danny Ocean, though they may think they are, though what they lack in tailored tuxedos they make up for in heart. Our trio is hapless, but not hopeless, and as the story unfolds we learn a lot about our friendly neighborhood bank robbers and enjoy their hijinks along the way.

'The Kings of Yorktown' is a genre-blending film that weaves together romance, comedy, drama all around a good old fashioned heist movie.

The Kings of Yorktown
Darren Marshall 2012
Categories: American Spectrum Features

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