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Indy Film Fest 2012: SEARCHING FOR SONNY

Guest post by Heath BenfieldHeath Benfield
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‘Sonny’ Is More Than Funny

Where do you think you will be in ten years? If you’re an 18 year-old just graduating high school, the answer is probably as mysterious as the plot of a Raymond Chandler potboiler. At that age, ten years feels like a lifetime, and consideration of encroaching thirty is virtually unfathomable. So with the world seemingly at our fingertips, most of us assume that we will have accomplished the majority of our life goals in time to boast about it at our class reunions. For instance, I was convinced I would be sipping champagne at after parties in the Hollywood Hills, dating models, and being generally famous. Okay, so maybe some of us were even a little delusional at eighteen. Hey, we have a lot to learn. So when I had the pleasure of screening ‘Searching For Sonny’, I found myself relating to protagonist Elliot Knight more than I would have if I were ten years younger.

Elliot is our everyman who expected better of his 28 year-old self. Daunted, he returns home for his ten-year class reunion in hopes of righting wrongs and rebooting his luck back to neutral. Ah, best laid plans. As you might guess, nothing goes according to plan and hilarity ensues. However, the silver lining is that Elliot isn’t the only Saint Corbinian High graduate with an axe to grind. Everybody has something to prove, and no amount of sex, danger, or even death will get in the way of these characters’ quests for self-validation.

The movie is teeming with nervous energy. It’s wacky, irreverent, and truly fun. Spiritualizing the classic noir mysteries of Chandler and Dashielle Hammett, it’s mostly akin to the Coen Brothers classic ‘The Big Lebowski’, except on Jagerbombs instead of joints. Like ‘Lebowski’ you’re never quite sure what’s around the next corner, which makes for the most entertaining kind of comedy.

Writer-director Andrew Disney delivers an impressive debut with ‘Sonny’. A quick Google search to his website reveals that he was twenty-six when he began filming. I doubt he is partying in the Hills and dating models quite yet, but I’m sure he will be hitting his own high school reunion soon with his head held high. He has done something most of us only vaguely assume before we set forth into the world – tackle his dreams. Bastard.

Don’t miss ‘Searching For Sonny’ screening at The Toby Theater at 7:30pm on Thursday, July 26th, and at Noon on Saturday, July 28th.

Searching for Sonny
Andrew Disney 2011
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