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Indy Film Fest 2012: GAYBY

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'Gayby' is the story of Matt (Matthew Wilkas), a comic book store owner, agrees to father a baby with his long-time best friend Jenn (Jenn Harris), who unofficially teaches hot yoga, and invented warm-warm yoga. The catch is, Matt’s gay and Jenn’s egg-timer is winding down.

Almost predictable, 'Gayby' jumps into the thick of things, but without completely jamming the plot line down your throat. You get it: a baby is coming – and one of its parents is gay. It’s a gayby!

I wanted to watch this movie over and over. I wish it were on NBC every Monday night as a sitcom, or a reality show. The script is smart and quippy. This could be the next ‘most quotable’ movie, with lines like, “I’m a guy, I can put it in anything,” and “Let’s kill it…” surrounded by beautifully timed and tailored scenes with actors that just get “it”, and each other. The quick wit and unapologetic rawness of the characters draw you into the plot, ¬as unreal as it may seem. But as it develops, you find yourself rooting for Jenn and Matt, and the motley group they have chosen as their family of friends.

Their noble arrangement doesn’t stop them from dating, and falling for, a slew of alluring gents. And sub plots with substantive supporting characters are seamlessly woven in. Jamie (Jack Fervor) is the perfect antithesis to Jenn’s yogi neuroticism and the gay bestie I’ve always wanted (Jack Fervor, call me, maybe?) And Nelson (played by director Jonathan Lisecki) is a keystone of the film, and in the baby-making! Nelson is appealingly Queen and cliché, in a good way, as Matt’s frienemy-turned-friend (ex-boyfriend drama, natch!).

But, don’t write 'Gayby' off as just another GLBT film. The theme of pursuit of happiness is universal. And further, many hetero males will be quite impressed with Jenn’s “moves” about half way through the movie. I mean, I was! I was also impressed and excited to hear Anthony + The Johnsons in the soundtrack. And then was blown away when I realized it was A+TJ covering Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’!

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