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Indy Film Fest 2012: CRAZY EYES

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Fair warning: Don’t watch this movie while recovering from a hangover. The film, a story of love, lust and loneliness, is a boozy one – if you made a drinking game out of the character’s drinking games, well, you’d be dead.

The movie follows the life of Zach (Lukas Haas), an uber wealthy twenty-something divorced father whose days are spent booty calling women, downing shot after shot and then inexplicably waking up the next morning for hilly runs in the California heat with his bartender best friend (Jake Busey). (I’ll admit I spent most of the movie verbally expressing jealousy of his indestructible liver.)

One of the girls in his rotation, Rebecca (aka “Crazy Eyes,” played by Madeline Zima – what a fitting last name), presents a challenge for him. She’s the clichéd L.A. hipster. Her eye makeup is perpetually smeared. (Can someone get the girl a Q-tip?) She wears holy tights and garter belts in public. She looks sort of feral. Sure, she’s also an alcoholic that’s down to booze in hot tubs, pill it up until dawn and sleep past dinner, but she refuses to put out. It’s not for Zach’s lack of trying – in fact, some scenes get a little uncomfortable and border on rape-ish territory – but Rebecca, the consummate tease, won’t give in. (“Even Jesus drank wine and spent time with a hooker he didn't have sex with,” explains Zach of his inability to close the deal.)

It’s this lack of sex that ends up making their relationship perhaps the most functional aspects of either one of their lives – which doesn’t say much. While they don’t seem to particularly like each other – perhaps because they’re mirror reflections of their worst qualities – they hazily stagger through life as partners-in-crime, always trying to do something productive (like get to that art exhibit they keep meaning to go to) but never failing to wind up hammered at a bar.

As Zach’s life continues to spiral out of control (his ex wife is demanding more child support, his young son is starved for his father’s attention, Zach’s own dad becomes sick), his relationship with Rebecca becomes more and more complicated. What are they? Where do they fit in one another’s lives?

“Crazy Eyes,” dark and gritty, plays out like a Brett Easton Ellis novel, or a bawdier (and not nearly as pastel-filled) Sophia Coppola’s “Somewhere.” The drunken blur of “Crazy Eyes” is definitely one worth catching – just make sure to bring some Tylenol for the end.

Crazy Eyes
Adam Sherman 2012
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