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Looking for a great experience? Inquire within.

As you may've heard already, the Indy Film Fest is an all-volunteer organization. Every one of us works our tookus off because, well, it's worth it.

We're gearing up for the 2012 festivities, and that means all hands on deck. We're specifically seeking two strong interns to help in with our operations and marketing efforts. Do you have what it takes? Here's a few ways to tell:

You love films, but love getting things done more.

True, we're all huge movie buffs here at the festival. But in order to present the most exciting events and parties possible, we work hard and on deadline. We have regular meetings and ongoing conversations; we live and die by our inboxes - both email and texts - and we hold each other highly accountable for those projects and tasks that need doing. Because if we don't make it happen...well, it doesn't happen.

You're available odd-ish hours.

Because we're all making the festival happen in our off hours, our work usually happens in the evening, on weekends or, sometimes if we're awake enough, early morning coffee meet-ups. Your availability is similar to this, or at least aligns here and there. Could be the perfect opportunity to hold a part-time job while rocking it out at a grass-roots arts org, too. We're happy to set a flexible schedule so that you can keep your calendar in order.

You operate well on auto-pilot, and play well with others, too.

The time in-between events, screenings and meetings is essentially, as our second grade teacher called it, independent work time. You'll have a list of tasks and projects, and we'll count on you to jump in and knock them into the Done pile. You'll have a chance to jump on new or underdeveloped projects, too, because that's the kind of take-charge person you are. And when the time comes, you're as good with the group work as you are on your own.

Right now, we're primarily seeking a Marketing & Design Intern and an Operations Intern. These positions would begin as soon as this month, and could run through August, pending your availability. While most weeks would require roughly 6 - 10 hours of work, that commitment ramps up as the Festival approaches in July.

Sound like you're the right person for the job? We can't wait to meet you. Send a resume and brief cover letter to us today!

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  1. Ugh, I would love to attend this festival. Hopefully I will have the means to make it out to Hoosier territory come July.

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