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And the GRAND total is…

Grand HolidayIn December, we embarked on a mini-fundraiser for a Grand Holiday. The goal was simple - raise $1,000 before ringing in the New Year. Can we just say, you guys rock! We made it with time to spare, with a final total of $1,099.

Where do these donations go? Each gift supports our programming efforts, covering anything from film screening fees to filmmaker travel. Additional support covers less sexy things like postage, which never the less make what we do possible.

We stretch every dollar as far as we can by powering the festival with an army of volunteers, keeping our operating expenses low and through some very generous in-kind gifts and pro bono work from partners like Lodge, who donates loads of creative time and expertise and SmallBox, who covers our email marketing expenses.

We're getting super-excited for what's in store for this Fest in 2012, but for now, we're still celebrating your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you! A Grand Holiday, indeed.

p.s. If you didn't get a chance to give and wish to do so, we'll gladly accept your gift in 2012, just go here. All donations are fully tax-deductible and come with sweet, sweet Karma magic.

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