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Fall Movie Bonanza – October

As you may recall, I'm posting each month those Fall movie releases I'm most looking forward to (and some I'm ignoring all together!). It's an exciting time of year for movie-lovers, so I thought it'd be fun to start a conversation around the best, most anticipated films hitting the big screen each month as the year wraps up.

You can check in on all of my September picks here. As for October, the releases kick into full gear this month, so there are a lot of titles to cover. This month includes one of September's stars popping up again, the debut of a younger sister with a familiar last name (and it's not Fanning), as well as two action-flick players (who co-starred in 2009's Star Trek) appearing in very different roles than their sci-fi counterparts.

Continue reading to get up to speed on all I'm anticipating (and one I'm very much avoiding) in October.

THE IDES OF MARCH (Oct 7) - Ryan Gosling pops up again this fall (Drive came out in September) alongside George Clooney in this political roller coaster. Promising enough with the words "based on the play by..." in the synopsis (movie adaptations from plays tend to be tightly-crafted works - think Closer), this one is especially relevant as the 2012 presidential campaign is in full swing over a year before the elections. Watch the trailer

THE SKIN I LIVE IN (Oct 14) - Pedro Almodovar is nothing if not compelling, and this Antonio Banderas starrer is no exception. A thriller/sci-fi hybrid, the film is centered around a cosmetic surgeon who's invention of synthetic, un-damageable skin unravels secrets and a tragic history he'd hoped to keep at bay. Watch the trailer

BEING ELMO: A PUPPETEER'S JOURNEY (Oct 21) - Whether you've got kids or not, you can't say you've never heard of Elmo. So pervasive is his presence as a childhood icon, it's easy to forget that there's a guy under there, hand-in-felt, chirping out Elmo's toddler-speak. A charming, personable portrait of Kevin Clash, that man in question, I saw BEING ELMO at SXSW and can't speaking of it highly enough.  Watch the trailer

MARGIN CALL (Oct 21) - A GQ photo shoot on screen, this narrative around 24 hours in the early days of the financial meltdown casts Kevin Spacey alongside Paul Bettany, Stanley Tucci, Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto, Simon Baker and Penn Badgely as Wall Street suits in the middle of it all. Even if I weren't intrigued by the subject matter, I'd go just to see that group on film. Watch the trailer

MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE (Oct 21) - In a much-buzzed-about debut, a new Olsen makes her way to the screen in MMMM, Mary-Kate and Ashley's little sis Elizabeth. Direct from the festival A-list (Sundance and Cannes among them), this one look's to be this year's Winter's Bone, a thriller with more than a few question marks lingering both from the trailer and, I'd be willing to bet, at the end of the film. Sarah Paulson, Hugh Dancy and John Hawkes (who was actually in Winter's Bone) costar. And yes, that's a movie poster as QR code over there. Watch the trailer

LIKE CRAZY (Oct 28) - Like MMMM, this is an indie darling I'm highly anticipating. The story of young love separated by an ocean, both literally and figuratively by way of bureaucratic immigration policies, this one has the hopeless romantic in me swooning. Anton Yelchin stars alongside Felicity Jones, who until now has been mainly known to TV audiences abroad, and the two seem to have a chemistry that sparks off the screen. Watch the trailer

THE RUM DIARY (Oct 28) - Johnny Depp's talked of his friendship with Hunter S. Thompson before, and The Rum Diary marks Depp bringing one of Thompson's novels to life. If you're not familiar with Thompson's work or aren't a big Depp fan (do people like that exist?), you might just want to check this one out for the lush Caribbean setting, an escape from the autumn doldrums that may've set in by late October. Watch the trailer

SLEEPING BEAUTY (Oct 28) - This isn't your grandmother's Sleeping Beauty. Or Walt Disney's for that matter. In this poetic, erotic version of a tale, a young woman is drawn into a mysterious world filled with unspoken desires and unexpected outcomes. In all its starkness, the film is splitting audiences (check out the IMDb reviews on either end of the spectrum!) which indicates to me that it's a piece of art I look forward to experiencing. Watch the trailer

And as for what I'm avoiding this month? Well, there's really just one big one that I wish had never gotten the green light to be made in the first place.

FOOTLOOSE (Oct 14) - The number of reasons this film should not have been made are too many to count. The number of reasons anyone interested in it should just see the original are all right there in the trailer. If you're going to order the filet mignon, don't settle for a strip steak on your plate. Do us all a favor and re-release the original (remember how well Disney did with that recently?) to find a new audience, instead of smudging up the name of such a classic flick.

And that, my movie-fan friends, is October. A great month I like to think, made all the more exciting with so many great films on their way into theaters. This is by no means an exhaustive list - what's coming out that you're looking forward to seeing? And if you say Footloose, we may not be able to be friends anymore. Just sayin'.

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  1. I’m not excited about anything this month but there are a few movies I expect I’ll enjoy. (And don’t worry, “Footloose” isn’t one of them.) How could anyone pass up “The Ides of March” with that cast? I like a good inspirational sports drama so I’ll be seeing “The Mighty Macs”. I haven’t decided about “The Thing” yet but it’s a possible pending a trusted review or two. “Life Above All” is on the “coming soon” list at the Keystone Art Cinema for Oct 14 so hopefully it will actually open in October (it’s been bumped back a few times already).

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