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Fall Movie Bonanza – September

In case you weren't sure, we're movie people here at the Indy Film Fest. As such, there are certain favorite times of year - January and the gems that come out of Sundance is always exciting; late February and the Oscars are almost as good as Christmas.

But nothing quite compares to the final few months of the year when all the best films come pouring out of every nook and crannie and into movie theaters like little gifts from the filmmaking gods. Just looking at the release calendar for September through December is enough to get me swooning.

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And what kind of movie person would I be if I didn't share a bit of that swooning with you?

Here's how this is gonna work: Each month, I'll post those films I'm looking forward to seeing in the weeks ahead - and why. And just to prove that I'm paying some attention here, I'll even post a few that I'm purposefully avoiding. It'll be fun - you can let me know what you're excited about, what you've seen and loved, or what you'd like me to see and chime in on!

Let's get going. September is still pretty early for Fall movie releases, especially those heavy-hitters that want to be top of mind for Oscar voters (look for those in November and December!). But there are several great titles on their way into cinemas, and these are the one's I'm looking forward to:

DRIVE (Sept 16) - Ryan Gosling + Gangster flick = I'll be there. This film looks stellar, and judging by the buzz it's getting from a Cannes run back in May, it lives up to its rep. Gosling looks as intense as a young Pacino in The Godfather. And glad to see Miss Carey Mulligan in the mix; the inclusion of a romantic interest seems to make this one a good date-night pick. Watch the trailer

THE LION KING 3D (Limited run starting 9/16) - OK, this is a guilty-pleasure addition for me. I may be showing my age here, but The Lion King hit in that sweet spot of early adolescence when I was still in love with Disney films of the time, even if I didn't admit as much to my friends. I'm not a fan of 3D at all, honestly, but to see this one back on the big screen I'll bear the goofy glasses. Watch the re-release trailer

MONEYBALL (Sept 23) - Based on a plot-free book about baseball and statistics, the makers of Moneyball have turned it into a sharp, witty sports flick about building a team based on the numbers. A slimmed-down Jonah Hill plays lackey to Brad Pitt's ring-leader, and the trailer would have you believe this one's got a bit of the inspirational in it, too. Watch the trailer

WEEKEND (Sept 23) - A true indie offering this month, Weekend was a SXSW darling that I sadly missed while I was in Austin, so I'm glad to see it getting a release. About what's supposed to be a weekend hook-up that turns into something entirely different ("special" even, as the synopsis says), this is one where it doesn't matter who's in the lead roles (in this case, two men) - the themes of intimacy, connection and love are simply universal. Watch the trailer

50/50 (Sept 30) - I wasn't too sure about this one, but I'm a big Joseph Gordon Levitt fan to begin with, and then I saw the trailer. Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen round out a fun, young trio in a film that looks to take a serious subject not too seriously at all, adding a bit of quirk and snark along the way. Watch the trailer

As for what I'm avoiding this month...well, they can't all be winners, can they? Here are a few I'm not going to put my $10 towards:

WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? (Sept 30) - Seriously. Anna Farris can just go away, especially if these are the kinds of movies she insists on making. The premise makes my feminist blood boil. "If you've been with 20 or more men, you'll never find a husband." Ah, the age-old "He's a player, She's a slut" mentality. This time with a scarlet number of a twist, as if our sexual histories are emblazoned on our lapels. Please. I'll pass.

THE DOUBLE - I hadn't really heard about this Richard Gere/Topher Grace number until a tweet popped up in my stream about how much the trailer gives away. Of course, curiosity got the best of me and I watched it, despite the spoiler alert. THR wasn't lying when they said it gives away a huge plot point. Huge. With so much revealed, I'm not compelled at all to check this one out and see what comes of it. Watch the (spoiler-filled) trailer

What are you itching to see in September? What are you going to wait to catch on Netflix? Let me know in the comments what's making your list!

**A quick housekeeping note - as we all know, Indy isn't exactly the movie mecca of the country. The release dates in these posts are general release dates; some films may take longer to make it into Indy. Follow me on Twitter (@LisaBeesa and @IndyFilmFest) for real-time updates on what's opening in our fair city each weekend, especially when they vary from the dates above.**

Image credit: Movie tickets by Tara Gladwell via flickr

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  1. Already seen two good movies in the theater this month, “Warrior” and “The Guard”. Looking forward to “Drive”, “Moneyball” and “Brighton Rock”.

    I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt too but the problem with “50/50″ is that it co-stars Seth Rogen. Not sure I can clear that hurdle.

  2. Saw a very early preview of 50/50 last month. It is really good. Such a great story, told in a charming way. I would (And probably will) pay to see it again in a heart beat. Do not be deterred by Seth Rogen, he does good work here. JLG cements his role as a can’t wait to see what he does next actor.

  3. The Guard and Brighton Rock are both great titles – will add them to my list. Was Warrior worth it? Seen good buzz, but it’s not particularly my bag. As for Seth Rogen, I suppose I find him slightly endearing, so I’m looking forward to it, cast included!

  4. lisa, i’d be interested to know if you still think DRIVE could be a good date movie after you see it.

    don’t get me wrong, i friggin’ loved it, but i did NOT want anyone to touch me or even talk to me for, like, half a day after seeing it. i just wanted to be alone in a safe room with a kitten and a tub of ice cream.

    another carey mulligan film i’m very much looking forward to: SHAME. after its TIFF run, it’s playing NYFF on oct. 7, so it’ll probably be a while before we see it in indiana, but looks great!

  5. Brittany – it was for sure more intense than I realized. Didn’t expect to see Gosling w/ a shotgun. However, I could see it as a date movie. Maybe not *first* date, but definitely something each person could like for different reasons. I was riveted – could see heading out for a drink afterwards to discuss. Would lead to some interesting conversations, maybe!

  6. yeah, DEFINITELY not a first date. i’d still rather see it alone though, i think. but i never like to talk after movies anyway.

    saw a sneak preview of 50/50 this week. it’s cute. i’d say matinee-price worthy, but maybe not full price. JGL does a commendable job, but forget the oscar buzz — it’s not on that level. the real remarkable performance is seth rogen, who somehow manages to not being completely over the top and annoying. he plays it just right for the character. anna kendrick was good, but could have use a bit more depth and screen time.

    it was filmed in seattle, so i had to try hard to bite my tongue and not point out inconsistencies in continuity “there’s no way they’d be able to get to that neighborhood that fast after getting coffee at the cafe they were just in!”, but aside from that distraction, a solid B film.

  7. @Lisa: “Warrior” is excellent and the performances should not be missed. The tournament fighting plot is a vehicle for a realistic family drama. My full review is here

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