Indy Film Fest


The 2011 Line-Up!

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Indy Film Fest Festival Laurels

It's finally here - the official 2011 line-up!

For months we've been watching hundreds of submissions. Our screening committee - a diverse group of volunteers with different tastes in film - began watching movies in April to start narrowing the field.

After months of viewing, planning and deliberation, we're pleased to announce the official selections. Films will run July 14-24 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Go here to see the full line-up and buy tickets! We'll continue to share highlights of the upcoming fest here with you. See you at the IMA in a month?


Just a little bump

Posted by Lisa Trifone

We love our friends over at Magnet Films in Broad Ripple. They've made us this simple but fun bumper you'll be seeing a lot of at this year's festival. Enjoy!

2011 Indy Film Fest bumper


All Hail the King!

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Sun King, that is. We are out-of-our-mind excited to announce that Sun King has been named the official beer of the 2011 Indianapolis International Film Festival.

When our board president, Craig Mince, approached Sun King about the opportunity, the fine team at the brewery said yes before he could finish his sentence.

What does this all mean? It means come movie time during the fest at the IMA (July 14 through 24) you can enjoy Sun King beers in the theatres. Sun King will be the only beer sold during festival screenings and brewery staff will be on site during the entire festival run.

New this year, we're having a Sneak Peek Party, and what better place to have it than at Sun King?

Thursday, June 16 | 7-10 p.m.
Sun King Brewing Co., 135 N. College Ave.

We'll announce the official lineup for the 2011 festival. The Sneak Peek will be the first opportunity to purchase festival tickets, Sun King will sell pints (including a limited supply of Popcorn Pilsner) TwinPeaks will man the turntables, Yelp will provide the popcorn and food will be provided by Scratch Food Truck. We hope you'll come and rock the brewery with us. RSVP on Facebook.

We'll see you there, right? Until then, help us thank Sun King by showing them some love. Tweet sweet nothings to them @SunKingBrewing and tell them you're glad they'll be a part of the fest. And order Sun King when you're out and about. If you go somewhere that doesn't have any, tell the bartender they're missing out!


A Little Magic

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Some new friends of the fest shot a little video of the Bigger Picture Show, so we wanted to share it with you here. If the magic of this event is any indication of the vibe for the 2011 festival, we'll be in for a real treat!