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The Bigger Picture Show lives up to its name


Holy smokes.

Not entirely sure we can put into words the awesomeness that was Friday night's BIGGER PICTURE SHOW, our second-annual arts event featuring local designers who've re-imagined movie posters for our most beloved films.

We knew it'd be big, but we didn't realize it'd be this big. So big that people were perusing the art by 7:20 for a show that started at 7:30. So big that a few of the posters sold by 7:25.

(C) 2011 Stacy Kagiwada

So big that the party would eventually be outside, too, because the gallery couldn't contain everyone who came out.

(C) 2011 Stacy Kagiwada

So big that we got tweets like this one from @Articulate_Indy the next day: "Still feeling inspired by the poster designs from the Bigger Picture Show. Congrats, @IndyFilmFest!"

Thank you to every single designer for your art - you raised the bar yet again. This city is lucky to have you, and we're glad to know you.

(C) 2011 Stacy Kagiwada

Thank you Lodge Design for giving the show such a vibrant voice and story. It was as much your night as ours.

Thank you Big Car for hosting us in your new Service Center for Contemporary Culture and Community, a space that's sure to thrive.

Thank you Yelp Indy and Fat Sammies for the food, TwinPeaks for the sounds, Stacy Kagiwada for snapping the pictures (here and here).

And lastly, thank you Indianapolis - thanks to everyone who told us how much they loved the show, how impressed they were with the art, how great it was to see us on the scene, how great a time they had - we love what we do, and we love that you love what we do.

We'll see you at the festival!

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