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Ooh la la. Noir Nights with the IMA

Posted by Sara McGuyer

IMA's 2011 Winter Nights

If you've ever counted down the days until the Indianapolis Museum of Art fires up their Summer Nights, you're in luck. They're starting a new series called WINTER NIGHTS, featuring classic films on Friday nights at The Toby.

Even more exciting is this winter's theme, Noir and Neo Noir. Ooh la la. Prepare yourself for the dark and stylish, a chance to see some old greats return to the big screen. And film purists rejoice - all films are shown in 35 mm (except Memento, which will be shown on DVD).

The series kicks off on January 7 with Blood Simple, the Coen brothers' feature film debut. Tickets are $9, just $5 for IMA members. Snag your tickets in advance here. The film starts at 7 pm. For more details, see IMA's site.

Check out the full schedule for 2011 WINTER NIGHTS:

Kudos to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for their ongoing support of cinema. They're not only a sponsor and gracious host of our Indianapolis International Film Festival each summer, they put together amazing events like these to keep movie lovers in Indy sated year round. Thanks, IMA!


We Heart You

Posted by Sara McGuyer

As the year comes to a close, we'll be off spending time with family and friends. We might be a little bit quiet. But we'll be re-energized and so excited to get back to official festival business in the new year!

Before we head out for our winter break, let us say WE HEART YOU. Thank you for watching movies with us, tweeting with us and supporting independent film in Indianapolis. We love our extended family of volunteers, supporters and fans. Indy Film Fest couldn't possibly be without all of you.


Garland, the Godfather and getting into the spirit of the season

Posted by Lisa Trifone

It's all I can do to keep from listening to Christmas music until after Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving, so it probably won't surprise you to know that I've been rotating through my holiday movies for about as long. Every year, there are a handful of films I have on hand to keep the festive mood going - White Christmas, The Family Stone, A Christmas Story. They're classics and, like good friends and a glass of wine, always sure to put you in a good mood.

With that in mind, I thought it'd be fun to share my top five favorite Christmas movies. Keep reading to get the scoop, then please - share yours in the comments!


Oscar’s Kid Brother

Posted by Lisa Trifone

If the Oscars are the big man on campus during Awards season, then the Golden Globes - presented each year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - are the kid brother. They're fun for a while, cute in their own way and have a striking resemblance to their more strapping counterpart, but overall, you just can't take them all that seriously.

That couldn't be more appropriate than now, as the HFPA has announced their nominees. Taking a look at the list, it's hard to take the line-up seriously, given the blatantly snubbed, the inexplicably included and the antiquated comedy/drama structure to the categories. As if that's all there is.

At first glance, it's a fairly expected list - the films getting most of this year's awards buzz cleaned up pretty nicely. The King's Speech snagged the most nominations, a feat it may just repeat come Oscar time in late January. Behind it in quantity is The Fighter, with Mark "Say hi to your Motha for me" Wahlberg and Christian Bale. The ratings controversy around Blue Valentine didn't stop it from getting a couple nods for indie powerhouses Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

So far, so good.


Mail Bag

Posted by Sara McGuyer

Know what it's like to work on an independent film festival?

Here's one little image for you - we race with bated breath to our mail box every day at this time of year.

Know why? Because we never know when the next great film is going to be there waiting for us. And because we hope to find our bin overloaded with packages from filmmakers far and wide.

What are you waiting for? Send us your films before the fee goes up next week! The earlybird deadline is January 1, 2011!

Image credit: sporkist via Flickr


Relive Our Past

Posted by Sara McGuyer

We are chugging away with plans for 2011. Of course, we think it will be the best fest yet. Until then, we invite you to relive our past. Check out a recap of all that rocked in 2010, cut together by our own Michael Tressler.

If you went to the festival, what did you like? Or not like? Please do tell us before we finalize our plans for the year. Your feedback, encouragement and constructive criticism are all appreciated!