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Fall Festivals announce line-ups

An email from the BFI London Film Festival landed in my inbox last night - they've announced that NEVER LET ME GO will open their annual festivities on October 13. The European premiere of the film, it stars fresh face Carey Mulligan alongside Keira Knightley - you might also recognize Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins in the trailer, which you can watch here.

Based on the trailer, the film looks to have a dash of sci-fi wrapped up in some pretty complicated relationships - it was adapted from the novel of the same name by Kazuo Ishiguro. Amazon lists it under Psychological Thrillers, so...take that as you will. Right now, it's slated for a September 15 release date here in the states. It'll likely land in a few other festivals before then, and maybe make it's appearance in Indianapolis by October (if we're lucky).

Also in the news, Toronto's been touting their upcoming slate, with gala screenings including an opening with SCORE: A HOCKEY MUSICAL (full disclosure - in typing that, I initially wrote "hokey." Which seems oddly appropriate); Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN starring Natalie Portman as a ballerina; CASINO JACK, about schemer Jack Abramoff; and Ben Affleck's THE TOWN, his latest Boston-themed caper starring the under-utilized Rebecca Hall. IndieWire's got a great article with all the film's TIFF's announced to date. TIFF runs September 9 - 19.

Venice and New York have also announced some key slots in their line-ups, too. Julie Taymor re-imagined Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST, casting Helen Mirren in the lead (which, in the play is Prospero, a Duke...Mirren is Prospera. She what they did there?), and snagged a centerpiece spot at the New York Film Festival (IndieWire article). Look for that screening in early October, following an opening night of David Fincher's THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Meanwhile, Venice has placed Sofia Coppola's latest, SOMEWHERE, in competition - they've also got Black Swan, as well as Vincent Gallo's PROMISES WRITTEN IN WATER. The Italian festival runs September 1 - 11 - check out the whole line-up here.

It's an exciting time in the festival cycle, the fall - sure, January's got Sundance, but as the industry gears up for Academy voting and awards season at the box office, festivals certainly reap the benefits.

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