Indy Film Fest


Trying to figure out what to see?

Posted by Michael Tressler

Then you've found the place. Here is a list of unbiased, 3rd party reviews of many of the films at this year's festival. So don't just take our word about the wonderful movies we have this year. Read all the glowing reviews at the following sites.

The Film Yap
Indianapolis Business Journal

The Film Yap chats us up

Posted by Michael Tressler

Movie website has an interview with Lisa Trifone, our very own Program Director (and social media wiz!). You can listen to the interview right here.


The Film Fest is in Style!

Posted by Michael Tressler

Want to know all bout the Film Festival but find reading to be boring and tedious?

Well then, watch this clip where our own Executive Director Kelli Mirgeaux chats about the festival with the fine folks at Indy Style TV.